Members of Samsung Electronics America’s mobile demand generation team accepted the Oracle Markie Award for Best Use of Data

Members of Samsung Electronics America’s mobile demand generation team accepted the Oracle Markie Award for Best Use of Data on behalf of their broader team.

Scooping up a “Best Use of Data” Markie at this year’s Oracle-sponsored marketing awards gala, Samsung Electronics America showed how Merkle’s proprietary Neuroanalytics marketing approach, a combination of cognitive psychology and advanced analytics, can deliver measurably better customer satisfaction – and return on investment.

Samsung demonstrated the next iteration of data-driven marketing lies with Neuroanalytics, which engages the ideal audience for advertising and other business initiatives by personalizing and measuring both rational and non-rational decision-making factors that go into a business-to-business (B2B) purchase. Samsung harnessed this visibility into psychological motivators to uncover fresh audience segments and opportunities. The result: More meaningful interactions between the brand and prospective customers and significant increases in key performance indicators at the campaign level and over time.

“Not only did we use data in innovative and strategic ways, but we saw extremely favorable results such as improved customer experiences and return on investment,” said Carmel Coscia, vice president of marketing and demand generation for Samsung Electronics America. 

Now in its 12th year, Oracle’s Markie Awards celebrate the best in marketing, and Samsung is proud to have earned the top slot in the contest’s Best Use of Data category.

“Data, analytics and technology together create a more sophisticated marketing ecosystem, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time on the right channel, which makes for better customer experiences across the purchase journey,” said Coscia.

Samsung’s goal was to learn how best to encourage purchase behavior across a spectrum of audience segments. To succeed, Samsung’s implementation of Merkle’s proprietary Neuroanalytics marketing approach had to align an array of internal and partner stakeholders alongside customer research, customer journey design, content analysis and technology. The powerful combination equipped Samsung to elevate customer engagement and also drive the strategy behind customer relationship management, according to Coscia.

“The first crucial step was understanding our customers at the individual level,” Coscia said. “We had to speak to each segment, when making a purchase decision, in a way that resonates with them and also addresses their business challenges.”

From here, Samsung has set its sights on raising its accuracy level in assessing persona type from the current level of roughly 70%.

“We’ve just scratched the surface with this strategic, data-driven approach,” Coscia said.