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The Smartphone Upgrade For Those Who Want The Best of the Best

Right now, many consumers are ready to upgrade to a new smartphone. We asked them what they were looking for as they choose a new device that’s the best fit for them.

According to our research, the first thing people are looking for is better battery life. Their second priority is a faster and more efficient phone, followed by a better camera and more storage.

It’s quite a list. But here’s the thing. Consumers don’t have to decide which feature is most important to them. They can have it all in one device that makes no compromises.

The Galaxy Note9 presents an unbeatable combination of features. No other smartphone on the market can boast the combination of an all-day battery[1], up to 8GB of RAM, and 1TB-ready storage[2]. Now consumers have a single device that keeps up with their pace, step for step, and helps them go further.

“We’ve made big investments to build the broadest, deepest lineup of technologies that, together, deliver an uncompromising experience,” said Patricio Paucar, vice president of Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “From gaming, photography, fitness and more Samsung offers a complete portfolio of devices to help you take your passion to the next level.”

Right now, you can get a jump start on the holiday season. There’s no better time to treat yourself, or a loved one, to a smartphone that makes it easier to do more, every day—because Samsung is offering incredible value to consumers who upgrade now.

Starting October 5 and running through November 3, anyone who buys a new Galaxy device from a participating carrier or retailer can receive double the trade-in value of their old device, up to $600[3]. This promo is good for the Galaxy Note9—which is available in Cloud Silver starting today and Midnight Black starting October 12 —as well as the ultra-fast Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Visit www.samsung.com/us/promotions to learn more.

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And with Samsung Premium Care[4], you get more than just protection for your device, you get a team of Samsung pros ready to come to you. Just pick the time and place, and they’ll provide one-on-one technical support and assistance for everything from the setup of your device, to troubleshooting, to hand delivery of a replacement should anything happen to your phone. Premium Care is part of Samsung’s commitment to ensure that your location is our location, anywhere in the U.S. Enroll your Galaxy device in Premium Care for $11.99 a month when you purchase it on Samsung.com

Great technology can help bring your dreams to life. No matter what you do best, no matter what your passion is, we believe technology should help you do it better—and do things you weren’t able to do before.


That’s what Samsung’s latest TV spot, “Level Up,” is all about. It features a talented young Fortnite gamer. Powered by her Galaxy S9+, Tab S4, and Note9, she starts winning Victory Royale after Victory Royale—quickly establishing herself as a local hero, then a member of Travis Scott’s squad, and then Ninja’s teammate at the Gaming World Finals.

She pursued her passion. She achieved her ambitions. She made her dreams a reality. Or, maybe it was all dream? Either way, she learned that in order to up your game, you’ve got to upgrade to Galaxy.

 [1] Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application-usage patterns. Results may vary.
[2] 1TB requires compatible 512GB SD card (sold separately). Compatible 512GB SD card expected fall 2018; availability may vary by country. Actual storage space availability may vary depending on pre-installed software.
[3] “Terms and conditions apply. See www.samsung.com/us/trade-in/terms-and-conditions/ for eligibility requirements & promos.samsung.com/terms for terms/conditions for this special promotion.”
[4] Limitations apply; visit https://www.samsung.com/us/support/premium-care/terms-and-conditions/ for full terms and conditions. Max. 3 accidental damage claims per 12-month period. $99 deductible applies. An extended warranty is a service contract that covers repair costs but is not an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty.
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