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Partners in DEI: Congressional Korean American Staff Association (CKASA)


As the sun sets over Capitol Hill, the dynamic pulse of Washington, DC is felt through a tapestry of events that give life to the networking that defines the city. Receptions, as they’re called, are events where government officials and their staffers establish relationships and get to know outside organizations better. These are an inseparable part of the DC experience and a key moment for many organizations. As such, Samsung is proud to highlight the work of local organizations driving positive social change and investing in their success.


As a proactive catalyst of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Samsung partnered with the Congressional Korean American Staff Association (CKASA) to shine a light on their work under the framework of May denoted as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. As a Korean-based company with a strong presence in America, Samsung values its origins as a small business and underscores its connection and support to Asian-American communities across the United States by honoring our shared heritage and showcasing the vibrant traditions of the Korean-American community.

Within this partnership, Samsung DC welcomed a festive AAPI Heritage Month Celebration with an exciting blend of flavors presented by a Korean-American Celebrity Chef, Danny Lee, and the rhythmic beats of DJ CYD, who set the tone for a celebratory reception that encapsulated the richness of the Korean-American experience. In today’s Congress, we have four elected Korean-Americans, making part of 16 AAPI Members of Congress, two Senators, and Vice President Kamala Harris who ceremonially serves as President of the Senate, bringing an all-time high representation of this community in Congress, and seeing their influence felt more than ever.

Following the event, Samsung had the opportunity to speak with Kellie Chong, the Co-Chair of CKASA to gain insights into their mission to empower Korean-American representation across Congress:

1. CKASA is a bit of a force in Capitol Hill. Tell us a bit more about CKASA…how did it get started, how many members does it currently have and how do you make a difference?

What started as a small, informal group of Korean American staffers getting together for social events, CKASA was first recognized as a Congressional Staff Organization in the 116th Congress (2019-2021). CKASA is grateful to be sponsored by all four Korean American Members of Congress since the 117th Congress, and as an official Association, we have been able to help increase Korean American representation on Capitol Hill by providing mentorship and networking opportunities, connecting our public service pipeline to the greater Korean and Asian American community.

2. There are now four Korean-American Members of Congress, and countless staffers across offices on both aisles and chambers. What does this mean to CKASA? Where does CKASA head next?

Since its establishment, one of CKASA’s foundational principles is that our shared Korean heritage binds us together, not just our political views. We have been very intentional since the inception of CKASA to create and maintain an environment of bipartisanship. From the events we put together to the makeup of our Executive Board, CKASA works hard to ensure no member feels out of place or voiceless because of where they work or political affiliation. CKASA has fostered a unique, welcoming place where our members don’t even have to remember the fact that their fellow members work on the other side of the aisle. We strive toward encouraging diverse representation on the Hill, in the Federal Government, and beyond in building future leaders that can do so much for our communities. We are proud of the work we have done to support Congressional Staffers and we are excited to see our members make a difference.


3. Collaboration with partners like you is central to Samsung’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. How important do you think collaboration is for an organization like yours? How does a partnership with Samsung advance your goals/mission?

CKASA has always been cognizant of the idea that quality staff engagement in its events and activities is key to creating a successful organization. Having a relationship with other staff associations and the greater community supportive of our mission is an essential component of how we can help provide meaningful, helpful, and worthwhile opportunities for Korean Americans working in public service. An association that is responsive to its members’ needs is a successful one—and often, collaborating with others helps foster that vision. CKASA’s strong relationships provide confidence to our members that CKASA is a resource to utilize, and in turn, we can achieve the same shared goal of creating a robust community that is ready to be the next generation of leaders.


4. As a Korean-headquartered organization, Samsung is currently working hard to embed itself in America, by making more of what it sells in the U.S. – from energy-efficient appliances to semiconductors. How does that make you feel as a Korean-American?

From the global rise of K-Pop, K-Food, and K-Culture, there has not been a better time when Korean Americans can be proud of their heritage. As Korean Americans, it’s exciting to see new investments that will keep intertwining the US and our motherland. We welcome the growing commitment to America’s economy and society that will better the lives of our friends, family, and neighbors of the greater Korean American community.

5. We keep talking about Korea, but Samsung and CKASA came together to celebrate AAPI heritage. Are there other organizations like yours in the Hill?

There are many organizations on the Hill that serve as a resource for congressional staff based on their shared values and interests—from ethnic-based organizations like the Congressional Korean American Staff Association, Congressional Asian Pacific American Staff Association, Congressional Hispanic Staff Association, Congressional Black Associates Staff Association and many others, to issue-based organizations like the Technology Staff Association and Plant-Based Congressional Staff Associations. Congressional organizations like ours serve as a testament Hill Staffers can make a difference in representing the diverse mosaic of our country within the Halls of Congress.

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