12.10.21 / Monitors

Pick Your Odyssey – Find the Right Samsung Gaming Monitor for You

Great gaming requires great hardware. And as the global gaming market continues to expand, more people than ever before are in the market for premium gaming monitors to ensure their experiences are absolutely top-class. Samsung, which has topped the gaming monitor market for three years in a row,[1] has answered the call, delivering a broad range of Odyssey gaming monitors that are ideal for all types of gamers.

The following infographic introduces Samsung’s current portfolio of high-performance Odyssey monitors. This helpful guide can help gamers determine which experience-elevating Odyssey monitor is right to help them take their gaming experiences to the next level.

Check out the infographic below.


[1] IDC Worldwide Gaming Tracker, Q2 2021, 17.1% market share based on revenue (over 100Hz)
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