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Inspiring the Next Generation of Changemakers
3:40Why today’s youth are built with an innate desire to make a positive impact
7:20The ways that Samsung is helping to empower youth to make a difference
11:27Advice for young people on how to use their voice to create change within their local community

The world is facing unprecedented environmental, social, and economic challenges spurred by escalating climate change, social unrest, global conflict, and the pandemic. Young people are questioning the world they’re inheriting and demanding change – and a growing number are taking matters into their own hands. How do we better equip the future generation of changemakers with the skills to tackle today’s complex social issues and future challenges not yet imagined?

Samsung sits down with Ann Woo, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics America; Ngan Le, a junior at Princeton High School in New Jersey and a 2022 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow National Winner; and AY Young, a clean energy advocate and a Samsung and UNDP Generation17 leader, to discuss ways to empower and support youth-led change.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Changemakers

“Historically, young people have always been a catalyst for social and political change, including recent movements from the Global Climate Strike to BLM. It’s incredible to work with young people who have this motivation and this objective view of the social change that needs to happen, as well as the bold confidence to make it happen, via our corporate responsibility programs like Solve for Tomorrow, Generation 17, and Climate Superstars,” said Ann Woo.

“Everyone has a desire to see change and make an impact in their communities and the world around them. That desire doesn’t change just because you’re young,” said Ngan Le. “When it comes to tackling an issue, setbacks and challenges are inevitable. But if we continue to work towards the solution and collaborate with diverse minds, we can make a change – and it starts with realizing that anything is possible.”

“I’ve been on a journey to do what I love and to simultaneously use that passion for what I love as an outlet for change. That led me to music and energy and devising a way to power my concerts using renewable energy,” said AY Young. “My mission is to get the world plugged into sustainability using music as a vehicle – and Samsung and UNDP are helping me scale sustainable impact globally.”

About the Podcast
Recorded from Samsung 837, our flagship experience center located in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District, Samsung Electronics America is back with a fourth episode of our Innovation Without Boundaries podcast, which explores how we’re solving evolving consumer and societal needs through new innovations and creating a more enriched, equitable, and sustainable future.