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[Podcast] Heightening the Customization Experience Through Co-Creation


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Heightening the Customization Experience Through Co-Creation

1:37Trends that are driving consumer interest in co-creating products and services
4:13Samsung and Lowe's current customization offerings & how they're powering enhanced consumer experiences
13:17The future of customization

Having ushered in a new era of customizable home appliances and mobile phones with Samsung’s Bespoke products, Samsung Electronics America’s Vice President of Home Appliance Marketing Gary So is joined by Lowe’s Merchandising Vice President of Appliances Dean Schwartz to discuss the opportunities that customization creates to engage consumers and drive value through self-expression.

The relationship between brands and consumers has never been so close. Successful brands are leveraging these connections by creating a new paradigm called co-creation, in which consumers are part of the product design process. From vocalizing an unmet need for unique products and services to customizing and personalizing those products to match their style, this form of consumer collaboration is heightening the brand experience. But is co-creation the future of consumer engagement?

“Consumers are starting to ask for customization capabilities across everything that they’re purchasing. … What we’re able to do now with Samsung Bespoke home appliances, as well as our own paint, flooring, and cabinetry configurators, is revolutionary,” said Dean.

“There is a rich roadmap ahead for customizable, bespoke innovations. But beyond the design- and aesthetic-led opportunities, imagine the rich personalization and functional offerings that we can co-create with consumers,” added Gary.

About the Podcast
Recorded from Samsung 837, our flagship experience center located in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District, Samsung Electronics America is back with a second episode of our Innovation Without Boundaries podcast, which explores how we’re solving evolving consumer and societal needs through new innovations and creating a more enriched, equitable, and sustainable future.

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