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Redefining Collaboration: Exploring the All-New Flip Pro Interactive Whiteboard


Offering connectivity and versatility like never before, the Flip Pro is optimized for all meeting spaces

As hybrid classrooms and workspaces become increasingly common, Samsung’s all-new digital whiteboard, the Flip Pro (WMB), has proven to be an innovative solution that redefines expectations for interactive displays. Now available to order globally, this intuitive display is available in a 75” and 85” size, offering options for those looking to transform a room with the most advanced inclusive tools available. Traditionally, whiteboards are associated with classrooms and other education spaces, however this display, with its first-in-class features and adaptability, proves to be a major asset for business, retail, and other verticals. In any space, the Flip Pro works smoothly and seamlessly in the background, enhancing gatherings, while remaining easy to use.

Delivering Big Upgrades

Since making its debut, the fourth iteration of the award-winning Flip has proven to be a transformative solution that provides enhanced usability and specialized features – for students, teachers, and colleagues alike to work together unlike ever before. Offering new tools and accessibility to support the digital transition, this LFD smart signage display provides improved writing latency, connectivity, and video conferencing abilities. The newly added intuitive control panel, brightness control sensors and four front and rear facing speakers give users increased flexibility and a greater capability to increase audience productivity and engagement. Teams can work smarter, faster, and better than ever thanks to this improved display innovation.

Smooth video conferencing remains possible with WebRTC (Real Time Communication) and AirPlay 2 allowing users to project video content from their mobile devices to the display. Creating a wireless dual display setup ensures no one misses out on any interaction. Additionally, SmartView+ capabilities ensure that networking occurs no matter the video caller’s location. With the ability to have up to 50 devices simultaneously linked to the display wirelessly while enabling multiple views on up to four screens, the Flip Pro empowers everyone to share bold, new ideas.

Samsung Flip Pro

Revolutionary Design and Comprehensive Connectivity

The sleek, light gray display blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. Its shatterproof film ensures it is durable while a newly added rear handle makes for easy mobility. Health and wellness remain top of mind with a built-in Antimicrobial Coating to inhibit microbial growth. Additionally, the menu bar, with convenient tool options, provides a more intuitive user experience. With the front control panel, users have access to seven key features immediately by just clicking a button, maximizing user convenience.

This interactive smart board features a versatile selection of connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, DP and screen sharing. The newly added built-in OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot ensures the Samsung Flip Pro is accessible from a variety of devices and allows integrators to use preferred third-party digital solutions and information systems. Additionally, this device can easily connect to any device or network through LAN port and wireless screen-mirroring – all possible with the built-in 3-in-1 USB-C port. Delivering physical comparability like never before, the added USB Type C port provides integrated video control and power (65W charging).

Seamlessly Transforming Classrooms

Solutions like touchscreen whiteboards don’t just support an instructor’s curriculum – they also help students of all learning styles focus on absorbing the material through tools like content recap, multimedia engagement, and seamless collaboration – creating no limits to what can be accomplished in the classroom. Whether it’s connecting miles apart through video chat or transcribing valuable discussion in real time, the Flip Pro is helping teachers bring vivid learning to life and inspiring better learning outcomes for all. This interactive display was built to integrate with leading education platforms and study tools to be an extension of the classroom and give students and teachers simpler ways to connect, share lessons and assignments, measure understanding, and more in blended and in-person learning environments. This display can easily access remote PC, network drives, and third-party software applications for complete access. It supports education apps like Google Duo, MimioConnect, and others that provide easy, efficient learning. And creating and distributing content has never been easier with Samsung’s MagicINFO, remote content management solution. With this intuitive tool, users can quickly push out notifications, alerts, and warnings to other Flip displays, notifying teachers and students of important updates.

Getting the Most Out of Meetings

Redefining what interactivity in the office can look like through display technology, the Flip Pro provides the desired features to make the digital transition simple, while being easy to install and implement. Corporate leaders and other professionals will find that the display’s first-class tools allow them to engage their colleagues with effortless, attention-grabbing presentations. Ready for any brainstorm, this dynamic display brings immersive touch technology with a touch latency of 26ms – the industry’s fastest – with a pressure sensing level of 2,048. Additionally, the multi-touch feature allows for the simultaneous touch of up to 20 people at a time. Precision writing is a major focus, which includes pen and brush mode, quick tool, and palette for a realistic and smooth drawing experience. Mimicking real-world actions, intuitive drawing with flexible erasing requires just a swipe of the finger or palm. A perfect fit for offices, the Flip Pro shows that technology can enhance the work being done without serving as a distraction.

This innovative digital board provides incredible flexibility and capability which excites and motivates users to discover how digital boards can spark active learning and increase overall productivity and motivation. Learn about how to strengthen your meeting spaces with interactive displays with this free guide. For more information please visit,

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