12.22.21 / Sustainability

Rewriting the Future: Design

Talking Points

  • The time to shape our collective success in the post-pandemic future is now.
  • As part of a “Rewriting the Future” video series, Samsung employees share their views on how to address the vulnerabilities that have been presented and examine the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • “Our designers understand the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for responsible innovations to address sustainability head-on.” – Federico Casalegno, Head of Samsung Design Innovation Center & Mobile Experience.

As we move beyond the pandemic and look to build a more equitable, sustainable, and enriched community for all in 2022, the time to rethink the post-pandemic future is now. Foresight in this moment calls for a rewrite of the future by both addressing the vulnerabilities that have been presented in the last 20 months and examining the opportunities that lie ahead. As part of a multi-part video series, Samsung employees across business areas have been sharing their views on the future of innovation, sustainability, diversity & inclusion, health & well-being, and education. And this is their take on design.

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More than just shaping products and services, the power of design has never been more apparent—or more vital. To meet the urgency of the moment, innovators in the design world have had to gain a deeper understanding of societal, cultural, and human values. In fact, Samsung has reaffirmed its commitment to designing meaningful technologies that begin with real user needs and abilities. Here’s what our employees have to say about how Samsung is applying human-centered design principles to our innovations to make sure we provide holistic solutions that improves peoples’ lives; why inclusive and accessible design are a brand imperative; and the designer’s role in helping to tackle the climate crisis.

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