08.05.21 / Workforce

Rewriting the Future: Diversity & Inclusion

While we navigate the stop-start nature of the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, U.S. consumer confidence and business optimism continues to strengthen and is rebounding sharply. The time to shape our collective success in the post-pandemic future is now. Foresight in this moment calls for a rewrite of the future by both addressing the vulnerabilities that have been presented in the last 17 months and examining the opportunities that lie ahead. As part of a multi-part video series, Samsung employees across business areas are sharing their views on the future of diversity & inclusion (D&I), innovation, sustainability, among other topics.

With D&I, many long-standing societal issues that were previously easier to overlook are now at the forefront of our daily conversations. The focus on D&I is no longer something “We should do,” but rather it is something “We must do” to resolve inequities. Here’s what our employees have to say about the importance of representation, learning from social justice movements, celebrating diversity in the workplace, and making an impact through Samsung’s many community-based initiatives.

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