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Samsung Accelerates Broad Customer Adoption of Samsung Knox with new Brand Campaign

Ridgefield Park, NJ – June 12, 2017 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., has rolled out a new integrated marketing campaign built around the insight that “Humans will be humans.” And you can’t change how they behave, but you can change your company’s mobile approach to security. The new Samsung Knox Brand campaign targets IT decision makers and the mobile device business users who need to address the two challenges of working productively and securely. The campaign builds on Samsung’s commitment to delivering a defense-grade mobile security platform across multiple Samsung Knox-enabled devices.



“With our increasing hyper-connected mobile economy and the new generation of workforce – millennials and in time gen Z, there is increasing demand for open, collaborative, connected, dispersed ways to work,” said Kevin Gilroy, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics. “This creates a conundrum for IT who are concerned with securing and enterprise’s data while meeting the needs of the digital native workforce that demands a consumer-grade experience in the workplace. We believe Samsung Knox solves this conundrum and provides balance between the needs of the business end-user and the enterprise.”

The new campaign comes after the launch of Samsung’s newest flagship devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the introduction of Samsung Knox 2.8. With a focus on two critical moments of mobile device insecurity—a lost device and using a device over public Wi-Fi—the the campaign aims to heighten user awareness of mobile security threats by showcasing real life scenarios in a humorous tone to highlight the issue of mobile security.

Beyond Security, Beyond Mobile

Samsung Knox provides multi-platform interoperability by extending Samsung’s security platform across both the Android and Tizen operating systems. This interoperability is further enhanced with two new purpose-built services; Knox Configure and E-FOTA, which expand the capabilities of Samsung’s enterprise services portfolio.

Knox Configure is a cloud-based solution designed to let enterprises quickly configure Samsung devices in bulk. “It gives customers and partners the ability to deploy both applications and content remotely over the air,” said Eric McCarty, Vice President of Mobile Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics.

E-FOTA, a new service in the Samsung enterprise toolkit, empowers customers to reduce security vulnerabilities that come from staying on older unpatched operating systems or failing to maintain OS version control across multiple devices. “E-FOTA provides improved IT stability, manageability and usability with pre-deployment testing and single OS version management,” added McCarty.

Secure and Seamless

Samsung Knox works seamlessly with all popular single sign-on (SSO) and virtual private network (VPN) solutions and is supported by over 120 enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers worldwide. Knox also supports Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with a collection of open APIs and SDKs.

In addition, Samsung Knox offers Secure Folder, a security solution which helps mobile users protect their valuable data and information such as private apps and files by storing them in a private, encrypted space on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone. As there is no MDM required to manage Secure Folder, this solution is suitable for personal and business use. 

Gartner Security & Risk Summit

Eric McCarty will deliver a Samsung Knox themed presentation at the upcoming Gartner Security & Risk Summit, June 12th – 15th at the National Harbour in Washington, D.C. McCarty’s presentation will share insights on new security tools included with Samsung Knox 2.8 and provide details on how Samsung’s DeX hardware, when enabled with partner VDI solutions, can deliver a desktop experience on the Galaxy S8 device.

For more information about Samsung Knox, please visit www.samsung.com/samsungknox
For more information about the Total Economic Impact of Knox Customization, please visit http://www.samsung.com/us/business/short-form/knox-customization-for-samsung-devices/
For more information about Samsung DeX, please visit www.samsung.com/us/business/discover/dex

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