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How to Care for Your Clothes with Samsung AirDresser



These days, many of us are putting family and health first, and spending more time at home than ever before. We’re trying to keep our homes—and the items within them—as clean as we can, so the people within them stay healthy.

Now, there’s an easy way to care for some of our most valuable investments: our clothing. With a powerful combination of steam and airflow, Samsung’s AirDresser relaxes light wrinkles, removes dust and odors, and refreshes not just your clothes, but your family’s outerwear, bedding, and soft toys, too.

Here are some great ways to get the most out of your AirDresser:

  • Sanitize Cycle: When you want to make sure your clothes are extra clean, set your AirDresser to Sanitize Cycle. High-temperature steam will penetrate your garments, helping to keep them sanitary. In addition to clothing, Sanitize Cycle can also be used for outerwear, bedding, and soft toys.
  • Air Hangers & Wrinkle Care: Your AirDresser, which holds up to six garments, comes with three Air Hangers that release air and steam into your garments to refresh clothing, help remove odors, and relax light wrinkles. Steam is also released from the base of the AirDresser to provide similar care to the outside of your clothing. For additional pant care, the AirDresser comes with a Weight Kit to help smooth out wrinkles and renew pant pleats.


  • Deodorizing Filter: AirDresser’s built-in deodorizing filter eliminates 99% of stubborn odors—the ones that often linger in fabrics: smoke, perspiration, and food.1
  • Fresh Finish™: Enhance your clothing with your favorite scent. Insert your go-to dryer sheet into the Fresh Finish compartment for a laundry-fresh scent.2
  • Easy Installation: To install the AirDresser, all you have to do is plug it in. You don’t need a professional installer or even a separate water line—you just fill up its water reservoir.


AirDresser offers great ways to care for and freshen up your summer wardrobe. But it’s also helpful as we head into fall and winter as it has nine cycles tailored for specific garments, including leather, down jackets, and winter coats.

With these features and more, AirDresser can help you care for the items that you and your family members wear every day. And it’s WiFi-connected, so you can control your AirDresser from the palm of your hand. Remotely start, pause, receive notifications, and get cycle recommendations via the SmartThings™ app on your phone—so you can care for your clothes from anywhere.3

AirDresser is available now, and you can find more information about it here.

[1] Based on testing by Intertek, using Normal cycle, eliminates 99% of isovaleric acid, 4-ethenylpyridine, valeraldehyde, and tetrachloroethylene.
[2] Dryer sheets not provided. Scent strength may differ based on dryer sheet used. Scent may remain inside AirDresser after cycle is complete. Discard dryer sheets after each cycle to prevent mold growth.
[3] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

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