07.02.20 / Corporate

Samsung Electronics America Celebrates Pride With Their Social Community

The year 2020 has brought unprecedented change, but nothing could stop the annual celebration of Pride. Samsung Electronics America has joined the month-long event by celebrating the followers who turn their social channel into a community, adding color and joy to their platform every day.

To mark the occasion, the brand hosted a week-long content series on Instagram, dedicated to educating its audience on the significance of each color in the Pride flag. The topic was even more relevant after the 2018 redesign of the flag (reimagined to include five new colors: white, pink, blue, black and brown) was widely adopted by the movement this year.

The series kicked off with an Instagram Story on each color’s significance and meaning, then turned action over to the audience: Asking them to choose a color they connected with and capture it in the wild using #withGalaxy. The brand used its platform of nearly one-million followers, sharing back content from TeamGalaxy Creators and users alike to amplify a diverse range of voices. Ultimately, the series celebrated the individual colors of the flag, and individuals in their creator-led community at the same time.

Check out the photos that were captured #withGalaxy by @zay.ira, @lauraszanto, @_citizenofearth, @garrett_bauman, @heradiamandis and @lauraszanto.

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