Ridgefield Park, NJ – September 12, 2017 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Charter Communications, Inc. today announced that they are collaborating on 5G and 4G LTE wireless networks lab and field trials at various locations in the U.S.  The trials, which began this summer, will run through the end of the year.

The 5G trial is evaluating fixed use cases using Samsung’s pre-commercial 28 GHz (mmWave) system and devices.  The 4G trials are performed at 3.5 GHz (CBRS), utilizing Samsung’s combined 4G LTE small cell technology in an outdoor environment to evaluate mobile use cases.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Samsung on these trials, which provide Charter better insight into how our advanced, powered,  high speed network—which currently passes 49 million homes and businesses—can be used to enable 5G services,” said Craig Cowden, Senior VP, Wireless Technology at Charter Communications.  “In addition, as we move closer to the launch of a Spectrum wireless service in 2018, our work with Samsung on trials of 4G small cell technology will support our overall wireless strategy.”

Samsung network equipment and devices offer a path to meet consumer and business demand for data in an emerging 5G world.  Samsung’s 5G and 4G LTE technologies are expected to be some of the key drivers for the next wave of mobile application development and Internet of Things (IoT), connecting billions of devices and accelerating low latency gigabit speeds for richer experiences.  Samsung holds a host of essential patents related to 5G standards, and recently announced commercial readiness of its 5G integrated chipset that will enable operators to deploy high-efficiency, low cost radios in a compact form factor and overcome high-frequency spectrum coverage challenges.

“As a pioneer in small cell networks technologies, Samsung is excited to partner with Charter as they evaluate their next-generation 5G and 4G wireless network technologies,” said Mark Louison, SVP and General Manager, Networks, Samsung Electronics America. “These projects, with communications leaders such as Charter, will continue to lay the foundation for future business models and customer applications that tap the full potential of both 4G LTE and 5G.”

As Charter progresses towards its previously announced Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) launch next year, Samsung is one of the companies chosen to collaborate with Charter to test 4G LTE mobile service in support of their MVNO wireless strategy. Samsung’s 4G LTE outdoor small cell provides a compact base station that is ideal to hang on Charter’s extensive cable strand asset, due to its small size and low power consumption.  The small cell provides both 4G LTE and Wi-Fi service over multiple frequencies.