ORLANDO – February 12, 2019 – Samsung Electronics America is showcasing its latest technology innovations that help healthcare providers offer value-based care at the annual HIMSS conference. In Room W224 H, Samsung and key solution partners will demonstrate an array of mobile and wearable solutions that address some of the main challenges facing clinicians and caregivers, and the patients and consumers they serve.

“One of the most important trends in healthcare is the move towards value-based care, in which high quality care is provided at an affordable cost,” said Dr. David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer & VP and GM of Enterprise (B2B) Healthcare. “Healthcare organizations need to shift their focus on keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital to achieve this. Samsung’s and our partners’ digital health solutions have an important role to play here, whether that’s delivering advanced tools for clinical diagnosis and treatments or enhanced preventative methods for consumer health management.”
Samsung will spotlight solutions in the following areas:

Meeting the Growing Need for Non-Intrusive Senior Care Solutions

As the senior population continues to grow, healthcare costs and demand for in-home medical solutions has soared. Technology is already being integrated into care protocols for seniors in ways that are beneficial to consumers, caregivers and clinicians. Through wearable- and tablet-based solutions developed in partnership with AiraAppliedVR, Phonak, MobileHelp, Breezie and IrisVision, seniors and their caregivers benefit from simple and effective tools to manage a range of chronic conditions. Real-time information captured through wearable-based devices also bring critical piece of mind to loved ones and caregivers.

Supporting Clinicians with Custom Digital Solutions

In clinical settings, it’s critical that new technologies not only improve efficiencies while ensuring HIPAA compliance, but also seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and legacy systems. Samsung’s partners are leveraging Samsung technology to do this very thing. Solutions developed by TigerConnectMedical RealitiesQuadrant BiosciencesPadInMotion, AccendoWave and Scandit aid clinicians in managing a range of work—from medical training and patient assessments, to internal communications and patient information management.

Empowering Consumers with Digital Wellness

Consumers have greatly accelerated the pace that new medical technologies are made available based on demand and through improved adherence with medical instructions. Remote patient monitoring and patient engagement tools available from Samsung partners such as as IdealLifeLIVMORIntegron and WellCare Today allow consumers to substitute in-person follow up visits to a doctor’s office or hospital with a virtual check-up. Customized medical-grade mobile devices, leveraging Bluetooth technology and protected by Samsung’s Knox security, empower patients and clinicians with better health information and ability to communicate seamlessly.

Meeting Patient Demand for Medical Devices

As digital transformation continues to disrupt existing health technologies, single purpose devices are rapidly become obsolete, as they’re replaced by more intuitive and pleasing to use consumer mobile devices. Samsung has been working with partners such as DexCom and PhysIQ to customize its user-friendly smartphones to serve as a consumer’s primary care management platform and allow for more seamless and discreet condition management. Programs have been implemented for conditions including diabetes, cognitive diseases like Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries, chronic pain and incontinence.

Senior care and corporate wellness solutions will also be on display by Harman, a Samsung company.

Samsung will host a panel at HIMSS, “Data Meets Diagnosis: How Technology is Changing Brain Health Assessments” 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET, Wednesday, February 13th. The session will feature Dr. David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer & VP and GM of Enterprise (B2B) Healthcare; Laura Yecies, CEO of SyncThink; Scott Giambalvo, EVP for Functional Assessment Systems at Quadrant BioSciences; and Martha Lawrence, CEO of AccendoWave. Special guest Jack Youngblood, former defensive end of the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and brain health advocate, will join the panelists for an engaging discussion. Media and analysts should contact samsungbusiness@berlinrosen.com to RSVP.

For more information about HIMSS, visit http://www.himssconference.org/ or follow @SamsungPulse on Twitter.