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Samsung Display technology powers Saatva’s Modern Retail Experience in the Nation’s Capital

Samsung Display technology powers Saatva’s Modern Retail Experience

Samsung Display technology will be integrated in the viewing rooms of Saatva, America’s Smarter Luxury Sleep brand, nationwide. Following the successful opening of its Manhattan store, Saatva opened its second location in Washington, D.C. over the weekend.

The Logan Circle Viewing room is an immersive, two-floor, 5,800-square-foot space conceptualized by renowned interior designer Vicente Wolf. Designed to be more than a standard mattress store, Saatva’s new viewing room is the ultimate destination for an integrated mattress exploration, education, and modern retail technology experience.

“Samsung prides itself on driving innovation and delivering unique experiences for its customers,” said Harry Patz, SVP and General Manager, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “To see how a company like Saatva, a traditional direct-to-consumer brand, is using display technology to create a customized shopping experience for its customers at brick-and-mortar stores is inspiring. They are using technology to forever change the way people buy mattresses and we are thrilled to be a part of their story.”

Samsung Display technology powers Saatva’s Modern Retail Experience


Saatva’s D.C. viewing room is outfitted with Samsung dynamic display signage and state-of-the-art behavior-sensing technology to help customers discover, personalize, and build their ideal sleep experience. Powered by a robust and intelligent content delivery and analytics platform, Saatva’s retail environment can turn each display into a platform to deliver in-depth product information and can be adapted in real time to create a richer discovery experience.

Samsung Display technology powers Saatva’s Modern Retail Experience

Saatva mattress displays feature the QB13R-T touch, a compact all-in-one solution that delivers high-definition content. Located on a podium, it enables on-demand product discovery thanks to MagicINFO 8, Samsung’s premier content and device management software solution. Customers are invited to lay on any mattress of their choice while simultaneously learning about that model’s construction and comfort options with the information on the displays.

While customers enjoy that modern retail technology experience, MagicINFO’s Analytics solution helps Saatva analyze those customers’ behaviors to display the most relevant content customized for their needs. MagicINFO Analytics also delivers meaningful performance reports, allowing retail managers and marketers to better understand promotion results, informing future marketing campaigns.

On the accessories wall, visitors can pick up and touch the brand’s bedding, pillow, and other top-of-bed collections and a nearby LFD screen on the wall will change to display pertinent product information. And in the children’s bedding area, there will be a 55” Flip, Samsung’s interactive e-board, available to interact with.

Samsung Display technology powers Saatva’s Modern Retail Experience

To further enrich the customer journey, Samsung’s partnership with Fast Sensor creates scheduled automatic content – through its connection to MagicINFO Analytics – that is triggered based on physical space activities. This collaboration demonstrates how retailers like Saatva can display a wide range of messages including in-store promotions, wayfinding and more.

The product arrangement enables a self-guided space, inviting consumers to use the information stations to self-educate and make a purchase that permits them to sleep soundly.

Over the next year Samsung looks forward to providing display technology and solutions that continue to deliver on Saatva’s dream of changing the way consumers shop for mattresses.


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