The Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM) in Suwon, Korea, features Samsung innovations as well as notable innovations from others.

The Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM) in Suwon, Korea, features Samsung innovations as well as notable innovations from others.

Founded in 1978, Samsung Electronics America is a global brand at the intersection of technology and humanity with a mission to reimagine what’s possible. Innovation is our passion; it is what drives us as designers and engineers and what we believe pushes our industry forward. Because engineering is rooted in our DNA, we are in a constant state of beta, drawing from the collective of partners, consumers and communities across the U.S. We make sure we create products with the American consumer in mind, to satisfy the various wants and needs of different lifestyles.

We are also big believers in the power of technology and what it can enable: meaningful, long-lasting positive impact in the world. From partnering with charitable organizations to inspiring the next generation of makers and creators, our philosophy is a reflection of our shared values and vision for a world where technology is universally accessible and purposeful.

We employ more than 14,000 people in offices across the U.S. that include Samsung Electronics, Samsung Semiconductor in Austin and San Jose and the Marketing Innovation Center in New York City. From Silicon Alley to Silicon Valley, we are shaping and disrupting industries with innovative products and experiences through leadership, innovation and partnership.

Key Milestones of Samsung Electronics in U.S.

Key Milestones of Samsung Electronics in U.S.

Technology for Good

At Samsung, we believe that success is not only defined in business but by being a positive and responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we work and live. We are deeply committed to various initiatives supporting education, health and the environment, and we have fostered partnerships with communities and organizations that share our values.

Samsung’s Hope for Children platform represents our company-wide commitment to celebrating children both locally and around the world. Hope for Children is our global platform for supporting children’s education, health and well-being. Solve for Tomorrow is an annual education program that provides schools and educators with tools and resources to advance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education through project-based learning.


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Product Innovations of Samsung Electronics in U.S.


Creating Technology and Experiences

Not long after Samsung Electronics America was founded, many “firsts” occurred at the company, including the first mobile phone developed with our technology in 1988. Just a few years later, there were nearly a billion TVs in use around the world, and Samsung’s first flat panel television became a game-changer.

Meanwhile, DVD sales overtook VHS for the first time in 2002, and four years later, Samsung shipped the very first Blu-Ray Player which is today’s industry standard. We continued to innovate with our line of Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and cameras. By 2010, we’d launched an app store for TVs, ushering in the era of smart, connected televisions. Not long after, we unveiled a stunning 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV, the world’s largest.

Samsung remains committed to creating the future through cutting-edge innovation and invests a significant portion of its sales revenue into research and development. In fact, Samsung spends $40 million per day solely on R&D. Just as we invest in our communities, we invest in our product. We are committed to driving technology forward through our dedication to invention and the progress of science.

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