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Samsung Electronics Presents the Future of Tizen for Smart TVs at the Tizen Developer Conference 2017

SAN FRANCISCO – May 16, 2017 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced an expanded Tizen platform for Smart TVs at the fifth annual Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) today in San Francisco at the Hilton Union Square. Samsung executives will discuss the new business opportunities that have been created as a result of its Smart TV platform and share case studies of businesses that have helped develop the Tizen ecosystem at the two-day event.

The event, which boasts the theme “Ready to Connect! Get Involved!” is set to feature keynote presentations from industry leaders, technical discussions and tech showcases for app developers, platform designers, hardware manufacturers as well as hardware and software vendors.

“Leveraging the conference, we remain focused on working with our partners and developers to encourage expansion on the Tizen platform,” said Hyogun Lee, Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics. “By developing a system that delivers value and new experiences to Smart TV users, we will continue to build a more solid Tizen ecosystem.”

As part of its efforts to encourage increased participation in the development of the Tizen platform, Samsung will discuss the policies that have been made in collaboration with partners and developers for Voice Touch, Samsung Checkout, Sports/Music services and the security solutions for its 2017 Smart TV lineup.

The benefit of using the latest Tizen 3.0 Platform is the software, which provides new functionality thanks to an updated graphics engine and Wayland computer protocol. These deliver enhanced graphics, improved stability and an improved user interface, creating a more desirable Smart TV user experience.

Voice Touch, one of the new Smart TV ‘touch’ capabilities, provides owners a more intuitive way to use the voice recognition function. When users speak just into the remote only the title on the TV Apps screen, the icon is activated without navigation or any other process. Samsung Checkout is a pre-installed payment system on Samsung Smart TVs that allows users to conveniently make payments for digital content.

Samsung Smart TVs also provide consumers with access to sports and music services, ensuring they don’t miss their favorite live broadcasts. Through the music service feature, consumers can easily access details about the music played on their favorite TV shows, so that they can enjoy it whenever they want. Under partnership with Glympse, the location sharing service for families will be also available on Tizen-running devices such as Gear S3. A range of sync scenarios for Tizen platforms will be also presented at the event.

Samsung Smart TVs provide a three stages of security solution from the platform and application to the hardware that protect the TV’s system against external attacks, while also offering a security API to Tizen developers, making it safe to develop a range of services, from content to payment and workplace, which are all subject to strict security requirements.

By the end of 2017, Samsung plans to make Tizen.NET (http://developer.tizen.org) a public network for Tizen developers who can now try a preview version of Tizen Smart TV SDK on the site. Since announcing its collaboration with Microsoft on .NET open-source projects such as .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms last November, Samsung has steadily released preview versions of the Tizen.NET SDK to help developers build more powerful apps. This allows them to practice on it and encourage them to participate in its ongoing development.

For more information on Samsung’s Tizen Smart TV platform, please visit http://developer.samsung.com/tv.

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