09.30.21 / 5G

Samsung explores current and future state of 5G at 2021 CTIA 5G Summit

Samsung’s Jude Buckley highlights latest network solutions in keynote


Samsung Electronics America showcased its latest network solutions that is leading the industry at this year’s fully virtual 2021 CTIA 5G Summit. Jude Buckley, Executive Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung Electronics America, delivered a keynote that highlighted how Samsung is driving 5G innovation, including: pace of rollout, current 5G state, consumer products and impact, B2B adoption, access and opportunity, and Samsung’s vision for the future.

“We’re designing and developing technology that’s tailored to empowering each individual,” said Buckley. “We’re staying true to our commitment to providing greater access to high-quality devices and the latest technology.”

5G is already playing an important role in our nation’s broadband infrastructure, and that role will continue to grow in the future. Samsung is at the forefront of helping people and businesses around the world to build, access and utilize 5G to enhance everyday life. At Samsung, the mission remains the same – to help break down barriers and created new possibilities.

Watch Jude Buckley’s 2021 CTIA 5G Summit Keynote here: https://youtu.be/r4YUFkfLgI0

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