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Celebrate the Season with the Samsung Galaxy Anniversary Premium Package

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  • This holiday season, Samsung is celebrating with the Galaxy 10th anniversary premium package.
  • The premium package includes includes a Galaxy Note10+, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Buds and accessories.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Anniversary Premium Package will be available in the United States starting December 3 on Samsung.com.

The Holiday season is all about connecting with family, friends and loved ones, and there’s no better way to make those connections than with the latest Samsung technology.

Over the last decade, Samsung has broken new ground in design, engineering, and innovation. We’ve launched game-changing products and created entirely new categories of devices. The result is that, today, you can enjoy a connected ecosystem that offers a seamless experience across phones, wearables, tablets and more. No matter which device, or devices, you use, Samsung makes it easy to stay connected to the people and things that matter most.

To get the full experience of this seamless, connected ecosystem, look no further than the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note 10+.

Celebrating ten years of Galaxy innovation, the Galaxy Note10 is packed with features and technologies that help consumers do more of what they love. With Wireless PowerShare, you can charge your Galaxy Buds on-the-go. With Link to Windows, you can connect seamlessly to your Windows 10 PC right from the control panel. And with Samsung Health on both the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Watch Active2, you can easily track your progress towards your health and wellness goals.

Unboxing 10 Years of Innovation

Give the gift of Galaxy this holiday season with the Galaxy 10th Anniversary Premium Package. Bringing together the best in smartphones and wearables, the set includes a Galaxy Note10+, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Buds. Here’s everything you’ll find in the box.


The Samsung Galaxy Anniversary Premium Package will be available in the United States starting December 3 on Samsung.com.

Staying Connected for Sharing

It’s a familiar holiday scene: You’re gathered around the living room with your loved ones, and everyone is looking at their own device. Instead, why not have everyone gather around to flip through a photo gallery or watch a home movie together? The Galaxy Tab S6’s and Galaxy Note10’s big, stunning AMOLED displays are best-in-class, and large enough for the whole family.

If you want to use an even bigger screen, SmartView makes it simple to send content straight from your Galaxy phone to your Samsung Smart TV with just a tap[1]. Enjoy the holidays together, with everyone on the couch video-chatting with far-away relatives or watching a family-favorite Holiday classic.

Staying Connected for Special Moments

The best part of the Holiday season is making memories with friends and family. Samsung makes sharing those memories simple with easy file sharing and Windows connectivity across your devices.

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With Link to Windows, it’s easy to switch between your Galaxy smartphone and Windows 10 PC. In fact, if you’re on your Windows 10 PC, you’re just a click away from access to all of your phone’s most recent photos, messages, apps, and more. So, if you want to use your laptop to edit a few photos into a collage and post them for everyone to see, getting them from your phone is as easy as pushing a button. It’s the best of two powerful worlds[2].

[1] Compatible TV requires the feature of “Mobile to TV-mirroring”.
[2] To connect your phone to your Windows PC, activate “Link to Windows” and use the “Your Phone” application on your PC. “Your Phone” application is preloaded on PCs with Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later and is downloadable for Windows 10 April 2018 Update or later versions. Requires a Microsoft Account.
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