Samsung’s collaboration with the creator community continues –  this time teaming up with the most subscribed individual YouTuber in the world, MrBeast. This exciting collaboration will see Galaxy S series, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5, power his content as the official mobile vlog device in MrBeast’s videos, showcasing what’s possible with a Galaxy smartphone for aspiring and professional creators.

The first collaboration video, which dropped on Sept. 16, showcases a vast selection of cars ranging in price from $1 to $100,000,000 and features the impressive capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip5.

Get an exclusive inside look at how MrBeast and his team used these devices while creating his latest viral video:

“With Samsung Galaxy, creators can do some amazing things,” said Janet Lee, senior vice president, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics America. “We want to empower creators of all kinds, and show them what’s possible with a Galaxy device in their hands. Together with MrBeast, we hope to inspire others to get out there, create, and uplift.”

Known for his imaginative, viral challenges and generous philanthropy, MrBeast  is one of the top content creators in the world. Always looking to push the boundaries and create one-of-a-kind videos, MrBeast is using a range of Galaxy devices in this partnership for their ease of use, long battery life, high-quality video-taking capabilities, and unique form factors.

“We chose Samsung’s Galaxy devices for the high quality footage they produce, their simplicity of use, and their versatility,” said Donaldson. “The Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z series devices translate into better content, it’s as simple as that.”

Galaxy S23 Ultra features Samsung’s most powerful camera including the 200MP Adaptive Pixel sensor that captures every moment with incredible precision. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 provides the most versatile camera experience on a Galaxy smartphone yet through its innovative design and unique form factor. Galaxy Z Fold5 offers busy entrepreneurs, such as content creators, the ultimate multitasking tool for shooting, editing, and keeping up with everything on their plates.

Check out MrBeast’s first video with Samsung, here. For more information about Samsung’s latest devices, including Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip5, and Galaxy Z Fold5, visit