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Samsung Showcases Industry-Leading Network Innovations to Expand 5G Experiences, at GSMA Thrive North America 2020


Samsung discusses the next steps in 5G’s evolution with its latest commercial solutions

Samsung Network at GSMA Thrive North America 2020

Samsung Electronics will showcase its latest network solutions to continue driving the 5G expansion at GSMA Thrive North America 2020, with a focus on meeting the needs of both mobile operators and enterprises.

At this year’s virtual event, Samsung will spotlight its next-generation 5G network solutions and products that bring the full 5G experience one step closer to users. Samsung’s new product portfolio ranges from its indoor solution, Samsung Link, which expands the seamless, enhanced 5G experience to indoor environments, to Samsung’s latest radios, including mid-band Massive MIMO radio units and Compact Macro, a 5G mmWave access unit with a wide bandwidth to support a variety of use cases.

In addition, Samsung will showcase its latest technology innovations that provide operators with an efficient way to deliver 5G services across low-band, mid-band and mmWave spectrum. Details around Samsung’s best-in-class, next generation solutions such as vRAN, cloud native vCore and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) will be presented.

“At GSMA Thrive, we look forward to introducing Samsung’s latest network solutions and technical innovations, which will help lead the next phase of 5G”, said Mark Louison, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Backed by our experience building commercial networks in the U.S. and around the world, Samsung sees 5G continuing to accelerate with new cloud-based solutions, enterprise networks advancements and spectrum innovations.”

Further details on Samsung Networks solutions showcased at GSMA Thrive are below. See Samsung’s full video of GSMA Thrive-showcased solutions here.

Best-in-class solution for Mid-Band: Samsung’s C-Band & CBRS solutions

Based on its experience in commercializing mid-band 5G solutions in Korea and the U.S., Samsung is expanding its latest mid-band solution portfolio to provide advanced services while helping operators explore the possibilities of C-Band.

The new C-Band Massive MIMO radio joins Samsung’s powerful CBRS solution, which has been adopted by operators seeking to rapidly deploy fixed broadband services. The commercially available CBRS Massive MIMO radio integrates a radio unit with a 64T64R antenna array for macro cell-site deployment in the 3.5GHz spectrum band.

A flexible and cost-efficient 5G network solution: vRAN

Running on general x86 COTS servers with a cloud native, micro-service architecture, Samsung’s fully virtualized RAN (vRAN) offers mobile operators a solution to enable resource pooling, flexible scaling, and resilience, facilitating a more efficient network operation. The solution provides a new option for mobile operators who are seeking to improve management efficiencies and save costs through deploying a software-based 5G radio infrastructure.

Seamless and enhanced 5G experiences indoors: Samsung Link

The new Samsung Link, Samsung’s 5G in-building product portfolio, covers the entire 5G spectrum for diverse indoor deployment options to ensure fast and seamless 5G services. It features several solutions including Link Cell, Link HubPro and Link Hub to help businesses address indoor 5G service needs.

Samsung’s Link Cell, one of the world’s first mmWave indoor small cells, is a compact indoor solution that offers ubiquitous in-building 5G mmWave coverage with high bandwidth, low latency and fast throughput for businesses and public venues. In addition, Link HubPro is an active antenna system, which includes a hub and indoor radios for large enterprises with support for various spectrum options. Lastly, Samsung’s Link Hub is designed for venues with existing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), providing low and mid-band 5G service across an existing in-building infrastructure.

Smooth migration to 5G with maximized spectrum utilization: Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)

Samsung’s DSS technology offers a smooth migration from LTE to 5G by enabling operators to gradually change the network’s spectrum resource allocation according to data usage. With Samsung’s DSS technology, which works on a virtualized platform, operators get a boosted throughput capacity as well as ease in 5G coverage expansion.

A true 5G network experience: 5G SA E2E Network

Samsung’s 5G SA E2E network solution includes the 5G RAN, cloud native Core, Orchestration and Analytics platform and will enable innovative and truly service-oriented 5G network services.

With Samsung’s cloud native 5G SA Core, network operators can quickly launch new services and conduct upgrades according to business needs while reducing OPEX. Samsung’s orchestration platform provides an automated, closed-loop network life cycle management with support from AI-based monitoring and analytics. Also, Samsung’s network slice manager can create or remove slices dynamically to support diverse services with different requirements.

Hear from Samsung at GSMA Thrive

Samsung’s Imran Akbar, Vice President and Head of Samsung Networks’ Wireless Business, is participating in a conference session, titled “Bringing 5G Indoors: The Critical Next Step in 5G’s Evolution” where he will showcase our new 5G indoor solution portfolio, “Samsung Link,” and discuss indoor use cases in distribution, manufacturing, and public venues. (Time: October 27, 2:30 – 3:30 pm EST)

At GSMA Thrive’s CTIA 5G Summit, Jude Buckley, Executive Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung Electronics America, will share Samsung’s vision for advancing commercial 5G development in a keynote address. You can expect to hear more about how Samsung sees 5G enhancing experiences through new consumer and enterprise applications, along with the roles that reliable networks and devices will play in that optimization. (Time: October 27, 1:15 – 2:15 pm EST)

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