Imagine an internship at a top-10 global brand that allows you to take ownership of a project, with a talented team at your side, from concept to executive pitch. At Samsung Electronics America, internships are more than just observing the inner-workings of a company. In the following video testimonials, four of Samsung’s summer 2017 interns describe their extraordinary 12-week internship experiences. Gaining mentorship, professional exposure, as well as leadership and citizenship opportunities, these standout students crafted one of the most meaningful summers of their lives.

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Gloria Tso Boosts Company Reputation Initiatives

Working with the Corporate Reputation team, Gloria Tso describes her internship opportunity that enabled her to dive into Samsung’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as helping to execute citizenship to philanthropic activities. On the job, she brainstormed ways to expand the team’s mandate and infuse the company’s brand values with the human side of its corporate culture.

Katie Layden’s Pop-Up Retail Vision for Samsung

Katie Layden recalls how she jumped into Samsung’s innovative, fast-paced retail environment as part of the Vertical Industries team, contributing to the vision for a pop-up retail solution. “People are really given the opportunity to take their ideas, make them a reality and create value for the company,” Layden said.

Faye Fang on Building Consumer Relationships

Faye’s experience with the brand creative team at Samsung 837, the company’s marketing center of excellence in the heart of Manhattan, was a smorgasbord of projects and priorities. Her team fused the strengths of traditional and social media and public relations functions to nurture customer relationships with each marketing campaign. “Being part of a team that’s crafting a story, shaping Samsung as the next-level emotive brand and building some of those consumer engagements has been really rewarding,” Fang said.

Dan O’Brien Grows the Seed of a New Product

“Being creative is absolutely part of everything you’re doing ,” Dan O’Brien said of his internship with the demand-creation team at Samsung Electronics America. His project: Identify how a seed idea can be a product that helps people, then pioneer ways to get that message out. “Working on live products and products that aren’t even out there yet is really exciting,“ he said.