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Samsung Unveils New Category of Innovative Lifestyle Home Appliances at CES 2020

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is continuing to set the standard for the modern home with a full range of award-winning innovations at CES 2020. These new smart appliances reinvent daily tasks, empowering people to spend their time focusing on the things they love, with the people they love, in a space they love.

“At Samsung, our goal is to develop home appliances designed for the way we live now—appliances that blend modern design with innovative new technologies,” said Harry Choi, Senior Vice President, Digital Appliance Design Team & Lifestyle Labs, Samsung Electronics. “With these products, that’s exactly what we’re giving our consumers—the ability to choose from several home appliances that make their home lives more convenient, more connected, and more meaningful.”

Samsung’s expanded offerings reflect the new ways we’re living our lives at home: No longer just a place to rest and relax, the home is now a gym, an office, and a place for entertainment. Based on these changing trends, Samsung has been driving innovative new designs and reimagining what appliances do for us with products that are flexible, multifunctional, and set a new standard for personal style.

Modular, customizable designs that set new standards

BESPOKE refrigerator (Satin Navy - Satin Gray)
BESPOKE refrigerator (Satin Navy – Satin Gray)
      • An innovative and beautifully designed refrigerator, the BESPOKE refrigerator establishes a completely new category of customized home appliances. Through the creative use of materials and colors, you can put your personal stamp of style on your kitchen. You can even customize the functions of the refrigerator with Flex Zone, a compartment that can be used as either a fridge or a freezer.
    Samsung Plate Oven NZ3200RM NZ60R3703PK Lifestyle Image NonText
      • Designed for small spaces, the Portable Slim Double Induction makes it easier to prepare meals anywhere in the kitchen—or even in another room in the home. It powerfully and precisely cooks with two induction burners, each with nine different power levels to suit any culinary need. The burners can function separately for sauté pans and pots or as one unified, larger surface when grilling or cooking with bigger cookware.
    Samsung Cube Refrigerator series
    • Samsung’s new Cube Refrigerator series offers three new models of small refrigerators: Wine, Beer, and Beauty. These modular refrigerators come in a variety of stylish colors that blend seamlessly into any décor. Their unique, finished, stackable design means they can be placed anywhere in any room. And that includes the bedroom—with a special cooling technology, they are quiet enough to place comfortably in the space where you sleep.
    • The Samsung Shoe Care System represents a first-of-its-kind innovation in home shoe care. It provides an easy and convenient all-in-one solution that helps you care for some of your most valuable fashion investments, giving you the ability to deodorize, dehumidify, and dry your shoes with one convenient device. It helps your shoes last longer, look better, and feel fresher.
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