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Samsung Introduces the Next Level of Bespoke Customization with MyBespoke

MyBespoke Generative Art Collection celebrates the possibilities of appliance personalization

Samsung is unlocking the next level of home appliance customization with its first-ever Bespoke refrigerator that can be personalized with your original designs, artwork or favorite photos. MyBespoke custom panels help inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind fridge so you can personalize your kitchen like never before.

“Our Bespoke appliances offers entirely new ways for people to express their personal style, and we’re thrilled to see our customers embrace this emerging home design trend in personalization,” said Shane Higby, Head of Home Appliance Business, Samsung Electronics America. “With the availability of MyBespoke, we’re inspiring our customers to express their creativity in ways never before offered in the home appliance category.”

MyBespoke offers endless possibilities for personalization, and it embraces home design trends that express personality and style using new materials, colors and artful designs. You can design your one-of-a-kind MyBespoke fridge panels with one or both French Doors and Samsung will deliver them directly to your home.

Samsung Bespoke Home Appliances Learn More

Create your own design when you purchase a Bespoke refrigerator from Samsung.com, and simply change out your existing Bespoke French Door fridge panels with your custom designed panels. To complement your custom MyBespoke design on the top doors, you can choose from a variety of bold, bright or neutral Bespoke colors in glass or metallic finishes – for the lower doors or drawers of the fridge.

You can upload, edit and print your design on customizable, interchangeable Bespoke fridge door panels on Samsung.com. MyBespoke custom printed panels are available for $300 per panel, with delivery to your home in approximately eight weeks.

Unlocking Next-Level Personalization with Generative Art

To celebrate the possibilities of MyBespoke, Samsung partnered with generative artist, Matt Jacobson, to create 100 unique generative art prints designed for Bespoke refrigerators. The MyBespoke Generative Art Collection uses four popular Bespoke colors as a foundation, including White Glass, Navy Steel, Morning Blue and Emerald Green. The digital art collection complements those colors with inspiration from nature, visually channeling how water might flow through a stream or how wind might blow through air.

Generative art is an evolving digital medium that uses the randomness of computer algorithms to create stunning, one-of-a-kind images. This blend of creativity and technology is the perfect fit for Samsung. Combined with the vivid detail of MyBespoke printing, this innovative medium unlocks new ways to experience digital art and personalize your home.

Matt Jacobson – a.k.a. numbersinmotion – uses computer code as his paintbrush. He created the MyBespoke Generative Art Collection to share the unexpected artistry of algorithms with a whole new audience.

The collection is available for a limited time and free to download from January 31 – February 13, 2023. The digital prints are sized for Bespoke refrigerator panels, so you can easily upload, edit and print the designs with MyBespoke on Samsung.com.

For more information on Samsung MyBespoke terms and conditions, visit: https://www.samsung.com/us/home-appliances/bespoke/refrigerators/mybespoke/terms-and-conditions/

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