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Samsung Introduces Private 5G Solutions in New Whitepaper

Samsung’s private 5G solutions enable enterprises to simplify deployment and operation of their own networks; configurations available for small, medium and large-scale enterprises


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced the company’s full portfolio of private 5G solutions in its new whitepaper: ‘Transforming Private Networks with Samsung 5G’. The portfolio includes a range of 5G solutions—including RAN, Core, transport and management system—to meet the specific needs of enterprises.

The new solutions come in three configurations for various enterprises: a compact one-box solution, a standard mid-sized solution and a premium solution for large-scale businesses.

As a dedicated network designed for enterprises, private networks allow businesses to operate new, enhanced business applications and services on their premises. With 5G, enterprises can take advantage of the improved productivity, security and efficiency private networks can deliver across various industries, ranging from offices and classrooms to factories and hospitals.

Since private 5G networks are usually built and managed in limited spaces, they require flexible deployment and simplified operation, which are the key benefits Samsung’s private 5G network solutions offer. Samsung designed its private network solutions with capabilities to serve enterprises of all sizes, meeting the demands of various use cases:

• Compact: This option is suitable for enterprises that require a simple and cost-effective deployment and operation of private networks, with RAN and compact core in an “all-in-one-box” configuration.
• Standard: This option is designed for mid-sized businesses with a relatively larger business scale, supported by multi-site configuration.
• Premium: This option fits large-scale businesses with high scalability. The ‘Premium’ configuration helps build flexible private networks that can dynamically expand its capacity to power more complex and advanced use cases. With Private Network Management System (PNMS), the Premium option enables remote management of multiple sites and also integrated management of various applications and services, improving operational efficiency.

For detailed information on Samsung’s private 5G solutions portfolio, please refer to the new whitepaper: Transforming Private Networks with Samsung 5G (Link)


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