Dealerscope has honored one of Samsung Electronics America’s top executives, Katie Cheng, Vice President, Home Appliance Marketing, as one of the 2017 Powerful Women in Consumer Technology. The program is designed to recognize game-changing women in the consumer technology industry who are effective, mentoring, natural leaders among their peers and among those who work with them.

Katie Cheng, Vice President, Home Appliance Marketing at Samsung Electronics America

Katie Cheng, Vice President, Home Appliance Marketing at Samsung Electronics America

Katie joined Samsung Electronics America in 2014 where she has been a true game changer, redefining the marketing strategy for the home appliance business. In her role as Vice President, Home Appliance Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, Katie has spent the last three years transforming the way people look at home appliances. Her goal to shift the home appliance business to be consumer-centric, versus the traditional tech-driven model, has led Samsung to hold the top market share position for the past five quarters in a row[1], and positioned as the fastest growing home appliance brand.

Katie has developed demand generation for home appliances from the ground up, utilizing consumer insights as a key driver, and positioned Samsung’s home appliance marketing to be purposeful for the consumer. In 2015, during a time when advertising campaigns focused on traditional family models, Katie was instrumental in developing the creative campaign that showcased how modern families actually lived. The campaign, featuring Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, earned a coveted Effie Award, and ultimately boosted Samsung home appliance brand awareness by 53% and drove a 37% increase in sales within the category.

“I’m truly honored to be recognized by Dealerscope as a powerful woman in this industry,” said Katie Cheng. “I’m most proud of developing great creative advertising that has helped change how people think about Samsung and home appliances overall, especially as they look to appliances to help solve their real-life challenges.”

Building the next generation of brand marketers at Samsung is also a key focus for Katie. As the co-leader of the Women in Samsung Electronics (WISE) group, Katie is helping to inspire more women to take on leadership roles. Her goal is to teach her team how to be good cross-functional leaders – instilling not just what they need to do, but how they can do it in order to be successful.

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[1] Traqline – Home Appliances – Refrigerator, washing machine, dryers, dishwasher, range.