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Samsung and PAR Technology Partner to Integrate Punchh Loyalty and Engagement Platform with Samsung Kiosk


Samsung’s innovative kiosk technology and PAR’s industry leading loyalty platform to provide best-in-class customer engagement solution for restaurants and convenience stores

Samsung Electronics America has paired its award-winning Samsung Kiosk signature solution with Punchh, the industry leading food and beverage loyalty and marketing platform from ParTech Inc. (PAR), in a new partnership to create seamless customer engagement solutions for restaurants and other key verticals. Designed to improve the restaurant and curbside pickup experience, the partnership will help business owners drive loyalty acquisition and retain new members by increasing overall customer.

Central to the improved customer experience is the Samsung Kiosk, powered by our POS ISVs that are standardized on the Punchh platform. The all-in-one self-ordering solution is equipped with a 24-inch touch display, speaker, printer, scanner, payment solution and Samsung’s proven SoC (System on Chip) and MagicINFO technology, removing the need for an external PC. When combined with Punchh, the integration will optimize the Samsung Kiosk to deliver personalized messaging that carries out customized, data-driven loyalty campaigns with a goal to increase overall engagement with guests.

The Samsung Kiosk’s interactive user experience, matched with the loyalty programs provided by Punchh, seeks to optimize the check-out process while collecting insightful consumer data. The collaboration promises to deliver a newfound understanding of the consumer identity and provide an increase in overall guest satisfaction thanks to a simple purchasing process for customers provided by the Kiosk’s easy-to-use interface.

“Our partnership with PAR and Punchh is an extraordinary step towards bringing impactful data and innovative Kiosk technology to business owners,” said Chris Mertens, Vice President of U.S. Sales, Samsung. “The integration between Samsung’s digital displays and the innovative Punchh platform has the potential to deliver more than just increased loyalty and engagement, but greater store efficiency and profitability.”

Additionally, Samsung is set to pair other displays from its wide-ranging portfolio with the Punchh platform, including electronic displays, touch-screen monitors and tablets. By leveraging Samsung’s digital signage portfolio with Punchh’s reputation as the largest loyalty program in the U.S., restaurant owners will be enabled to deliver impactful messaging and cross-channel interactions to create new possibilities for authentic engagement.

PAR and Samsung’s collaboration has produced all-in-one digital engagement solutions for an immersive customer journey with a focus on quality and ease-of-use. This partnership shows great promise for a wide variety of industries. It also demonstrates a commitment by the number one loyalty brand and the number one display digital signage provider to challenge existing loyalty offerings with revitalized solutions.

“GRUBBRR and Samsung have collaborated to develop the Samsung Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR, which is an end-to-end solution that pairs the preeminent kiosk hardware and software,” said Jarrett Nasca, Chief Revenue Officer, GRUBBRR. “Our solution is multifaceted and integrates with our client’s existing technology, including loyalty platforms. GRUBBRR is thrilled to be partners with Punchh to enable their loyalty functionality on the Samsung Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR. The combination of solutions enables brands to create operational efficiencies, drive revenue and develop deep connections with their customer base.”

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