Today’s lifestyles are more connected than ever – from our smartphones to our smart homes, it is easier than ever to get more done with our devices. However, as our connectivity grows, so, too, can our concerns around maintaining peace of mind when using connected device ecosystems.

Understanding that security and privacy are top priorities for its users, Samsung Electronics is taking their device security experiences to the next level with the introduction of Samsung Knox Matrix at this year’s Samsung Developer Conference (SDC).

From Dawn to Dusk: Understanding Today’s Device Ecosystems

Samsung believes protection must be collaborative, end-to-end, and in real-time, so that our approach is constantly evolving to stay ahead of threats and keep our users safe. That’s why Samsung smart devices are protected by Samsung Knox security platform, which provides defense-grade security certified for use by the many top government agencies around the world.

Nowadays, more than any time before, we are able to enjoy seamless connectivity and operation as we go about daily tasks and routines, be it undertaking a work task, enjoying a workout or winding down at the end of the day.

However, while the device ecosystems we harness daily do make things more convenient, one can never be totally free of worries around the potential security threats that exist simply due to the internet connectivity of one’s devices. After all, if just one device is compromised, all others are at risk. Multi-device protection is the next battlefront for security and privacy.

This is why Samsung has come up with Knox Matrix, a revolutionary concept for multi-device protection with next level security.

Knox Matrix: Powered by Device Connectivity

Knox Matrix functions as a user’s own private blockchain system, wherein your connected devices enhance security through multi-layered mutual monitoring. In order to protect user’s smart home from unauthorized access and to make the login process more convenient, Knox Matrix share credentials device-to-device and protect sensitive information even between trusted devices. Whether your Samsung devices are based in Android, Tizen, or proprietary OS, Knox Matrix will provide unified security SDK. With all that, Samsung continue to advance common security standards for across various Samsung connected devices.

In introducing Knox Matrix, Samsung is ensuring that its users need not compromise on their connectivity in order to stay protected. Knox Matrix is set to provide the devices within a user’s ecosystem with fewer vulnerabilities through stronger, more diverse security practices¹.

With Knox Matrix in your back, a smartphone steaming to a TV or connected to an air conditioner makes your life more convenient and more secured.

Stay tuned to learn more about Knox Matrix and its security approach designed for today’s connected world.

[1] Knox Matrix cannot guarantee complete protection against all vulnerabilities within a user’s connected device ecosystem.