On Tuesday, November 28, Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer for Samsung Electronics America, was recognized as one of the world’s 50 Most Innovative CMOs by Business Insider. Business Insider’s annual list recognizes the CMOs guiding brands and businesses through the most disruptive period in marketing history. Securing the number 11 spot, Mathieu was recognized in the category of “Storytellers,” as a marketing executive who has “mastered the art of storytelling across platforms” in an era when connecting with consumers is arguably tougher than ever.

Additionally, on Monday, November 27, Mathieu was also honored as one of “the most indispensable executives across marketing, media and technology” named to the annual Adweek 50 list. The annual list identifies executives using cutting-edge tech to blaze new paths for the industry, and credits Mathieu with flipping Samsung’s marketing playbook on its head and humanizing the brand by talking not just about product but about the people who use Samsung devices. Adweek also notes Mathieu’s launch of Samsung 837 in New York City as an interactive playground for consumers and marketing lab for the brand, the development of a creator’s platform to cultivate storytellers under the “Do What You Can’t” campaign and partnerships forged with Vice and The New York Times are all initiatives that have solidified Mathieu as an innovator in the industry.