09.12.22 / Monitors

Samsung Odyssey Ark is Now Available

Bring home the ultimate cinematic gaming experience with Odyssey Ark


Samsung’s Odyssey Ark, the world’s first 55-inch 4K rotating curved gaming screen, is now available for purchase. Odyssey Ark combines premium 4K gaming features like Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Mini LED display technology, 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time[1] with immersive surround sound for an unparalleled cinematic gaming experience.

The Odyssey Ark available to purchase for $3,499.99 on Samsung.com, Amazon.com, and Best Buy – at select retail stores nationwide and BestBuy.com. For more information, please visit Samsung.com.

[1] Gray to Gray. A unit of measurement of pixel speed. Used to measure the response time of gaming monitors.
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