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Samsung Partners with Award-Winning Director Charlie Kaufman to Showcase the Galaxy’s Epic Camera Experience

Filmed#withGalaxy meets world-renowned filmmaker taking advantage of Galaxy’s superior Nightography


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced its partnership with Oscar-winning writer and director Charlie Kaufman, showing how everyone can shoot and share spectacular movies thanks to Galaxy’s superior camera experience.

Best known for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Synecdoche, New York, Kaufman took advantage of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s filming capabilities to create a short visual art film in beautiful, crystal-clear detail. The film, titled Jackals and Fireflies, is based on a poem by Eva H.D. who plays the role of poet, narrator, and lead actor in this uniquely Kaufmanesque love letter to New York City. Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography allowed acclaimed Director of Photography Chayse Irvin to effectively capture New York’s famous night scenes, revealing the City to viewers as if they were witnessing with their own eyes. Kaufman found shooting with Galaxy to be an “effective approach” for bringing the film to life, and is very happy with the final result, adding that “…the finished product is beautiful.”


The partnership builds on the Filmed #withGalaxy campaign, which invites visionary directors to demonstrate that the Galaxy S Series is the perfect tool they need to share their epic stories with the world. In October 2021, world-renowned British director Joe Wright used the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 13mm Ultra-Wide lens to shoot his short film Princess and Peppernose. In November 2021, up and coming Chinese director Sha Mo used the Galaxy S21 Ultra to capture the visually stunning Kids of Paradise.

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Where to see Jackals and Fireflies
Jackals and Fireflies will be unveiled exclusively at the Galaxy Experience Space in San Francisco coming with Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1. Kaufman will also present the film at a later date in New York City.

Samsung will continue to set epic standards for the smartphone experience at Galaxy Unpacked, with camera capabilities being at the forefront of the new premium Galaxy innovations.

Stay tuned on Samsung US Newsroom for all the upcoming teasers, trailers and news about Jackals and Fireflies, as well as Galaxy Unpacked 2023.

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