At Samsung, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences – both with our products and our services. And when our customers think about Samsung, we want them to think beyond the fantastic products we make, and consider us a brand that provides them with a great value proposition – one based on reliability and trust.

To help build that trust, we are investing heavily in our customer care processes at a time when we are also making important progress in our design and manufacturing assurances processes.

Our response to the Note7 incidents acted as something of a stress test for our customer care program. Between September and November of last year, the number of support calls we received that were related to handheld devices jumped 200%, year over year. September alone saw a 250% increase in this kind of call.

But  in order to rebuild the trust of our customers, we recognized we needed a new approach to our customer care processes. Even though we invested significant resources in improving  these processes, it quickly became clear that there is a demonstrable demand for an enhanced, premium customer care service.

On March 29th, we marked a new milestone in Samsung’s smartphone legacy with the introduction of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. These stunning and immersive smartphones open up new ways for our consumers to experience the world. They push the boundaries of traditional smartphones.



What’s more, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are helping us to usher in a new era of impressive service offerings, one of which I am very excited to introduce—Samsung Premium Care. We are the first, and only, device manufacturer in the industry to offer this kind of comprehensive white glove program.

This service is nothing short of a game changer.  I am always on the lookout for ways in which we can provide a better value proposition to our customers.  I constantly notice people using mobile phones with cracked screens; when I ask why they don’t have the screen repaired, the answer, almost universally, is “I don’t have time to go someplace to get it fixed.” Or  “I simply don’t have the time.”   This has made me realize that while we are constantly improving our customer care processes and offerings, we also need to build these with the customers’ true needs in mind.   It’s not enough to provide outstanding service; it’s about making sure we’re providing that service anytime, anywhere, based on what is convenient for our customers.  This is the foundation of Premium Care.

Premium Care is a radical new approach to service, one that empowers consumers to get the most out of their device, and gives them all the protection and assistance they need to keep it working like new. Much more than just a support or protection plan, Premium Care covers everything from setup to troubleshooting to repair and replacement.

Premium Care gives customers options for support and service – whatever they need. However they need it. Thanks to our nationwide network of Samsung-trained experts, we can meet consumers at a location of their choice ­– whether it be at their home, office or a local coffee shop.

Imagine your device breaks while you’re at work. A Samsung expert can arrive at your office to assist you and take care of your broken device. While you head to a meeting, they’ll set up your replacement device and transfer your data so it feels just like your old device. No need to visit a retailer, no waiting for a replacement device.

We meet you when and where it’s convenient for you, whether you need a repair, a replacement, or just want to understand your device better to make sure you’re getting the most out of the Galaxy Life.

“It’s about making sure we’re providing that service anytime, anywhere, based on what is convenient for our customers.  This is the foundation of Premium Care.”

Premium Care provides the ultimate “We Come to You” service that rivals even our competitors with large retail footprints. In order to support this scale across the country, we have built a nationwide network of third party partners – including DISH Network and HelloTech – to more effectively and efficiently service consumers.

As announced during our Galaxy S8 launch, those who purchase a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, will receive Premium Care free for the first 30 days, and $11.99 a month following. We are excited to help these valued consumers set up their brilliant new smartphone, and show them everything it can do.  Because at Samsung, it’s about more than just providing amazing products, we want to make sure our customers have an awesome experience with our brand each and every day.

About the Contributor

Michael LawderMichael Lawder is senior vice president of Customer Care for Samsung Electronics America.