Let’s face it – CES attendees need their smartphones to be working flawlessly as they hold back-to-back business meetings and capture photos of innovative new products and experiences throughout the annual tech-fest. That’s just part of the reason Samsung’s Customer Care Truck was on site to offer conference attendees a taste of Premium Care while managing their busy CES schedules.

”The Care Truck really embodies one of the most important things we’re doing at Care, which is telling customers that their location is our location – wherever a customer might be, we’re going to be there to help them,” said Michael Lawder, Senior Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America.

So, all week long, Samsung offered two key Customer Care experiences with CES attendees’ best interests in mind: The Samsung Premium Care Truck and charging stations strategically placed in busy areas of the convention.

Located just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall, the Samsung Premium Care Truck was staffed by an expert team of Care Truck ambassadors, offering CES attendees personalized, on-the-spot customer care — from fixing a cracked screen, to setting up a new phone or other device, or just to get quick, one-on-one instruction and there was no shortage of attendees who were grateful.

“My phone was cracked on both the front and multiple places on the back. I was just tickled to death when I saw this kiosk was here to replace both the front and the back for free for CES attendees,” said Michael Bozeman, a CES attendee.

“My Samsung S8 had a bad port, turns out it was just a really dirty port and cleaned it out and it’s fast charging again, so I’m a happy customer,” said another CES attendee, Shane Nilsson.

While at the truck, Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 CES attendees could also register for Samsung Premium Care, a white-glove service that offers personalized care and attention, anytime and anywhere, based on their personal needs.

“Premium Care also represents a new way of thinking about customer care at Samsung,” said Lawder. “It’s not just about providing answers to our customers – it’s all about providing solutions.”

Not only did the Care Truck team offer much-needed, on-demand service, but strategically placed charging stations at CES offered many a convenient and secure way to charge their phones.

”We want customer care to be as innovative and convenient as our products, we’re really here to transform this business from a break-fix business to one that builds strong, lasting, relationships with our customer so they have an amazing ownership experience,” explained Lawder.

The charging stations at CES were also a hot commodity, as CES attendees found themselves low on battery they utilized the secure charging stations to recharge and then get back to business.

*Complimentary repair was only available during CES 2018 for registered attendees; phone repairs from the Care Truck normally incur a charge.