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Samsung Spotlights Retail Innovations at NRF 2019; Solutions Help Retailers Serve New Generation of ‘Connected Consumers’

New York January 14, 2019 – At NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (Booth #2337) spotlights its latest innovations in mobile, display and analytic technologies to help brick-and-mortar retailers serve today’s generation of highly-connected consumers, who demand faster, more personalized service – and more interactive experiences – within stores.

The booth includes new solutions powered by Samsung’s latest mobile devices, designed to empower retail associates with greater levels of expertise and insight, and introduce a more efficient approach to customer service.

“Today’s physical retailers are seeking game-changing mobile strategies to help their employees meet the high expectations of today’s savvy, connected consumers,” said John Curtis, Vice President, B2B Sales, Samsung Electronics America. “At NRF, we’re showcasing solutions that tap Samsung’s mobile device and partner ecosystem to provide retailers with digital tools that can transform stores and keep associates closely connected to shopper needs.”

Bigger, Crisper, Richer Canvases

At NRF, Samsung is also demonstrating how personalized in-store experiences can be enhanced through the digital display technology.

“Retailers are designing their locations with Digital LCD and LED Displays of various shapes and sizes, lining entire feature walls inside stores, replacing backlit printed displays and transforming storefronts,” said Chris Mertens, Vice President, B2B IT Sales, Samsung Electronics.  “At NRF, digital signage will showcase ways Samsung displays help retailers personalize consumer experiences, and enable them to increase cost-efficiency, boost foot traffic, and offer customers an interactive, memorable experience.”

Samsung at NRF: New Innovations for the Connected Consumer

In its booth, Samsung’s is showcasing a variety of advancements in assistive selling, customer experience, quick service technology and device security for retail. They include:

  • “Connected Associate” – Increase Employee Expertise:  Store associates no longer need a learning curve to provide useful advice to an interested shopper. With this assistive selling solution, “Connected Associate,” employees can use a Samsung tablet or smartphone to address a range of topics based on a customer’s needs – and then deliver the expertise of a seasoned specialist. This turns associates into knowledge workers, improving employee performance and elevating customer satisfaction. Demonstration includes Samsung Tab Active2, the company’s ruggedized tablet, and applications from Harman.
  • “Connected Teams” – Drive Faster Service: After a customer checks into a restaurant using their smartphone, the host is notified via their Samsung Galaxy Watch, placing the customer in queue and up on a large display. Once the customer is seated, the host can then share the notification with the restaurant’s wearable-equipped team, so a waiter can acknowledge the notification, and greet the customer at their table. Demonstration includes Samsung Note9, Galaxy Watch, and the Samsung SDS America Vantage task management platform.
  • Lockdown” – Security for Retail: Increased security is showcased through integration of the Samsung Knox security platform with BricTECH® application by Samsung partner Sennco Solutions. With this solution, Samsung devices for retail integrate Sennco’s lockdown capabilities, using geofencing and custom triggers to automatically ‘brick’ stolen or misplaced devices. It can also send alerts or sound alarms when devices are taken beyond defined perimeters. This further secures devices retailers who increasingly rely on tablets and smartphones for business.


  • “Quick Serve,” “Self-Serve,” “Mobile Orders”: Self-serve, custom ordering, mobile pick-up and home delivery are changing how businesses operate establishments. Digital Display technology has become central to fast food restaurants, providing a gateway to evaluating sales patterns, in-store service and operations.  To meet customer expectations and optimize sales, operators will rely on digital and interactive signage technology in front of diners and behind counters.

HARMAN Enhances In-Store Experiences Using Samsung Technology

During NRF, Samsung SDS also announced the launch of its Nexshop solution in the HARMAN NYC store. This offers a cloud-based analytics dashboard and real-time behavioral sensing technology that enables retailers to gain greater insight by capturing customer traffic data – and deliver a more intelligent, interactive shopping experience.

At the HARMAN store, for instance, when a customer tries on a headset in front of a Nexshop-enabled mirror display and camera sensor, the display will launch customized content tailored to the customer’s demographic, maximizing the customer experience with targeted, dynamic content.

The technology also detects customer traffic patterns through heatmap analysis and measures dwell times and footfall, enabling HARMAN to allocate store associates based on customer behavior.

The Samsung Nexshop solution will be available for demonstration in Samsung’s booth.

Samsung’s full technology portfolio for retail is available through Samsung distributors and resellers. For more information about Samsung’s solutions for retailers, please visit http://www.samsung.com/retail.

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