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Samsung Showcases the Future of Connected Retail Experiences at NRF 2024

From 4K in-store displays to AI-powered Digital Humans for captivating customers, Samsung bridges the online and brick-and-mortar world to power the next generation of retail stores


Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is showcasing its innovative ecosystem of display technologies and partner solutions powering the next generation of retail stores at NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show (Booth #3657). Attending retailers and system integrators will discover how Samsung combines cutting-edge displays, mobile, artificial intelligence (AI), social media, data and analytics to deliver dynamic digital content that captivates customers throughout the in-store journey.

Leveraging Samsung visual displays, leading retailers and restaurant businesses, such as Chevron, Good American, Hy-Vee RedMedia, White Castle and Buona Beef, are creating connected retail experiences and offering intuitive self-service options for their customers. Samsung displays work with cutting-edge technologies to support innovative retail business strategies—from AI-powered Digital Humans for personalized, interactive shopping to digital ads and first-party online data for engaging retail media networks.


At NRF, Samsung will announce a new pilot program with Chevron U.S.A. Inc. that combines the high visual impact of UHD Samsung Smart Signage Displays and a data-driven content strategy to captivate shoppers at Chevron ExtraMile convenience stores in San Diego, Millbrae, Calif. as well as Vancouver, Wa. Chevron uses Samsung’s MagicINFO™ digital signage software with partner solutions like Sprinklr, IBM® Weather and FastSensor to deliver engaging fresh content and determine the best areas in the store to place Samsung displays based on foot traffic.

NRF attendees can meet “Sam the Sommelier,” Chevron’s Digital Human designed by Samsung to assist customers in the wine area of the San Diego ExtraMile store. Sam the Sommelier provides customers with recommendations for wine pairings based on their food purchases and shares information about each bottle’s tasting notes—all through a natural conversation.

Samsung Solutions

The Samsung booth will feature dedicated sections for its full range of retail solutions:

AI and Digital Humans support the workforce and captivate customers

Today’s shoppers expect retailers to provide attentive and personalized service with every interaction. However, high-quality service requires well-trained store staff with expert knowledge of a brand and its products. With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting 543,000 unfulfilled retail job openings at the start of the 2023 holiday shopping season, retailers continue to struggle with industry-wide labor shortages that impact their ability to meet consumer expectations.

Futuristic self-service Digital Humans designed by Samsung

New generative and conversational AI advancements are emerging to help retailers fill the labor gap and deliver exceptional customer experiences. During NRF, Samsung will present its generative AI-powered Digital Humans, hyper-realistic virtual beings developed by Samsung’s AI research lab. Retailers can deploy Digital Humans through Samsung tablets, kiosks or interactive displays to intelligently engage, make recommendations and complete transactions for consumers via voice and live chat.

Voice-enabled drive-thru ordering activated by SoundHound

Attendees can try voice AI-enabled dynamic drive-thru menu boards by Samsung and SoundHound AI. SoundHound combines Dynamic Interaction—its groundbreaking voice AI-enabled drive-thru ordering interface—with MagicINFO to deliver an exceptional customer ordering experience to over 100 White Castle drive-thru lanes, along with real-time insights to restaurant operators. Dynamic Interaction eliminates friction wherever deployed, allowing users to speak naturally and businesses to process orders in under a minute.soundhound-ai-digital-menu-board

“AI offers a two-fold solution for retailers and restaurant businesses,” said David Phelps, Head of the Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Digital Humans and Conversational AI can fill in labor gaps, alleviating employees to prioritize their responsibilities in operations and service excellence. Customers enjoy a more personalized, interactive experience. As AI-powered interactions become more prevalent, businesses will need best-in-class self-service and display interactive technology to meet consumer expectations and stand out in a new age of retailing.”

“Modern restaurant operators are under a lot of pressure when it comes to driving demand, processing orders and delivering a drive-thru experience that meets the ever-rising expectations of consumers,” said Mike Lauricella, Head of Channel Partnerships at SoundHound AI. “In that context, this technology is a real game-changer. It can be deployed across channels and uses advanced voice AI to drive consistent, efficient ordering that delights customers and keeps them coming back for more.”

Samsung Ads & VXT CMS unlock the value of retail media networks

As more retailers have embraced digital signage, strategically placed in-store displays have become an impactful way to engage customers with product information and promotional offers closer to the buying decision point. The resulting retail media networks open new possibilities for retailers to connect with their customers and generate additional revenue through third-party advertising.


Samsung is a unique total solutions provider for building and managing a successful retail media network. In addition to offering industry-leading displays, Samsung’s advertising division, Samsung Ads, enables marketers to create custom campaigns to reach shoppers where they are—from Connected TV (CTV) in the home, to Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) solutions to connect with shoppers at the store. Retailers can leverage Samsung Ads with the cloud-native VXT Content Management System (CMS) to remotely control the content across their display ecosystem. The two platforms empower strategic decisions for the optimal mix of content and advertising to attract and convert shoppers.

Samsung Partners

Samsung boasts a diverse portfolio of software partners that leverage first-party data to activate digital content in the physical store.

Sprinklr visualizes real-time social media data & content for Samsung digital displays

Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform is available as an integrated application for Samsung Smart Signage and Hospitality Displays. With Sprinklr, Samsung can visualize real-time social media data directly via its commercial display products. Retailers can instantly update information remotely. Samsung customers use Sprinklr to highlight social listening data, such as reviews and online polls about products, and showcase the results across in-store displays to increase customer engagement and sales. Additionally, Samsung is an official reseller of Sprinklr.

Flowcode QR codes turn in-store engagements into omnichannel marketing opportunities

Flowcode generates branded QR codes that transform in-store engagement into first-party marketing data. Flowcode QR codes on retail digital signage encourage consumers to engage with a brand’s digital channels. Retailers, such as Erewhon Market in Los Angeles, use Flowcode QR codes to seamlessly connect their in-store activations and online touchpoints to support an omnichannel strategy that drives more conversions.

IBM® Weather activates weather-appropriate content on digital signage

IBM Weather provides accurate weather forecast information to support timely and relevant content delivery. Retailers leverage real-time IBM Weather data with VXT’s content management capabilities to trigger weather-appropriate promotional offers to shoppers.

FastSensor helps retailers understand and optimize the in-store customer journey

FastSensor produces AI-driven, e-commerce-style analytics about customer behavior in brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers can understand customer flow from area to area and use FastSensor’s heatmap showing high and low foot-traffic areas to optimize digital signage placement, planogram design and operational best practices. FastSensor Retail Analytics enable retailers to evaluate the effectiveness of their in-store digital strategies.


Blueforce drives connectivity and intelligent in-store activations

Blueforce integrates FastSensor data and more than 425 Internet of Things (IoT) sensors into customized dashboards to generate intelligent recommendations and AI-initiated workflows for engaging in-store content. Blueforce technology powers connectivity, communications and orchestration between SmartThings consumer IoT devices and Samsung’s commercial displays.

PopID face verification makes purchases and logins swift and seamless

PopID’s biometric software, deployed on Samsung Kiosks and tablets, introduces biometric authentication into a consumer’s shopping or traveling experience. With PopID, a consumer’s face or other unique biometric becomes their secure ID for ticketing, payment, loyalty account login, and more. NRF attendees will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how PopID creates frictionless, efficient, and streamlined user interactions.

Commersive creates a captivating 3D platform for showcasing products

Commersive introduces the Reveal Box, a cutting-edge DOOH programmatic platform. The transformative technology seamlessly transitions a physical product into a digital environment, creating a captivating canvas on four rotating screens all powered by the brilliance of Samsung’s 65-inch QMC Series of panels. Rotating screens generate a sense of movement and depth, enabling brands to tell their story, showcase their offerings and leave lasting impressions in a fresh and engaging manner.

“Retail media networks are leading innovative retailers to rethink their in-store digital strategy and customer journeys,” said Parrish Chapman, Senior Director, Enterprise Retail Sales, Samsung Electronics America. “As one Samsung brand, we integrate a vast ecosystem of display hardware, software and partner solutions to create a custom retail media platform to engage consumers at multiple touchpoints from the couch to the end of the aisle. We help retailers harness data to activate the right content at the right time, seamlessly bridging the digital and physical world for powerful brand storytelling and revenue generation opportunities.”

Samsung Customers

The Samsung booth will feature real-world examples of immersive and interactive customer experiences that demonstrate the impact of these retail solutions.


Good American inspires shoppers and celebrates body positivity with Samsung LED displays

Body-positive fashion brand Good American utilizes Samsung commercial LED displays throughout its flagship store to engage shoppers with content highlighting new styles, best-selling products and outfit inspirations. A custom 31.5-feet-wide LED ribbon extends across a wall filled with the brand’s extensive range of size-inclusive jeans. On-screen content informs shoppers about each denim style’s cut, wash, and level of stretch to help them find the perfect fit. Head-turning 4K displays and touchscreen content further immerse shoppers in the Good American brand while ​​celebrating female confidence.


Hy-Vee RedMedia effortlessly delivers high-impact content across 10,000 displays with VXT

Supermarket chain Hy-Vee’s retail media network, RedMedia, is one of the first businesses to deploy the Samsung VXT CMS. Hy-Vee RedMedia uses VXT to easily self-manage content across a network of over 10,000 Samsung QBR-Series commercial displays in its grocery stores and Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh locations. These displays showcase Hy-Vee’s owned content to engage shoppers and DOOH advertising for third-party advertisers to generate additional sales. Hy-Vee RedMedia uses VXT with Samsung Ads to support one customized program that seizes the full revenue-generating potential in digital signage networks.

White Castle unlocks new value from voice AI-enabled outdoor menu boards

Samsung and SoundHound AI have worked with White Castle, America’s first fast-food hamburger chain, to deploy voice-enabled interactive menus. The collaboration with White Castle has set a new standard for voice AI-enabled drive-thru menus—with orders processed in just under 60 seconds and 90 percent order completion rates that exceed previous staff-based benchmarks. NRF attendees can experience the sophisticated speech recognition technology and see how restaurateurs can unlock new value from outdoor menu boards.


Buona Beef adds Samsung Kiosks to make customer experience and operations sizzle

Family-owned and operated Chicago-based Italian beef chain Buona Beef uses Samsung Kiosks as part of a digital transformation strategy to add more convenient technology across its 27 restaurant locations in Illinois.

The Kiosks, outfitted with Bite’s intelligent self-ordering software, put Buona Beef customers in control of their orders, allowing them to browse the menus and discover new items. Operationally, Samsung Kiosks and Samsung’s digital menu boards empower Buona Beef to streamline services, run promotions, share its brand story and make rapid menu updates across all locations. Customers enjoy the convenience and ability to customize their food orders. Buona Beef employees, meanwhile, appreciate being freed up to execute orders more accurately and quickly for better service.

Samsung Display Technology

Sustainability is part of Samsung’s DNA

Since publishing its environmental strategy in 2022, Samsung continues to make active strides toward achieving net zero emissions across its global operations by 2050. As part of this commitment, Samsung is incorporating environmentally conscious design into its products and investing in technologies to help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Energy-efficient display design

NRF attendees can learn about The Wall All-in-One Series’ energy-efficient chip design that lowers power consumption by 40 percent compared to conventional LED signage. Retailers can also feel confident investing in Samsung Indoor Smart Signage as 90 percent of the available models have achieved Energy Star and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Bronze certification for energy efficiency and sustainability.

VXT CMS Platform powers energy efficiency and seamless operations

To support retailers’ sustainability commitments, Samsung offers effortless remote device management and energy usage monitoring with the new VXT CMS Platform. NRF attendees will learn about VXT’s scheduling feature to turn off displays during closed business hours or holidays to save on energy. A smart eco mode optimizes screen brightness based on the external lighting environment to reduce power consumption. For Samsung, these small changes in everyday usage have a significant impact on global sustainability.

All-in-One EV Charging Kiosks support digital content and advertising

As consumers look to play their part in creating a sustainable future, the demand and need for charging infrastructure continue to grow in the electric vehicle (EV) market. The Samsung booth will include its EV Charging solution developed in partnership with Loop Global. The All-in-One EV Charging Kiosks provide drivers with an enjoyable, connected charging experience and offer a new marketing channel for businesses and retailers.


Samsung’s All-in-One Kiosks at the heart of Self-Service

During NRF, Samsung will also participate in the Foodservice Innovation Zone, an interactive exploration of the technologies transforming the customer food service experience. Attendees can test the award-winning Samsung Kiosk solutions in the “Center of the Plate” area in the heart of the Foodservice Innovation Zone. Most recently, in December 2023, the Samsung KMC-W Kiosk won Best Kiosk Solution in the Automation and Self-Service Awards. The awards recognized the Samsung Kiosk’s robust self-service features and compatibility with major ordering software like GRUBBRR and Bite.

Attendees in the Foodservice Innovation Zone can learn more about the future of food service during the live session, “​​Conversational digital humans: The future of retail?” presented by Parrish Chapman on Tuesday, Jan. 16 (12:00 – 12:30 p.m. EST). The presentation will cover AI applications in retail, the technology’s influence on customer and employee experience, and learnings from recent Samsung customer deployments.

At the booth, attendees can learn how Samsung displays work seamlessly with Samsung Ads, SmartThings, Mobile and other technologies, making Samsung One a holistic, single solutions provider to meet retailers’ diverse needs. Additional Samsung-owned companies in the booth will include HARMAN and Martin Lighting. HARMAN products will power the audio experience while Martin Lighting will provide dynamic lighting and visual effects featured on site.

For more information about Samsung’s solutions shaping the future of connected retail experiences, please visit

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