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Samsung SmartThings Expands SmartThings Energy Service to Meet Increased Demand for Eco-friendly Home Solutions


Popular service within the SmartThings app offers additional opportunities to monitor and manage household energy use, reduce costs, and contribute to a lower carbon footprint

Samsung SmartThings, the premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT, is expanding its SmartThings Energy service with new features including whole home energy monitoring, individual device monitoring, and energy switching. The new features build on the existing services and have the power to reduce monthly energy bills.

SmartThings Energy,  launched in the U.S. in July 2021, has revolutionized the home energy category, and is the latest innovation representing Samsung’s commitment to a more sustainable future. By combining the features on the SmartThings platform with Samsung energy-efficient products and intelligence, SmartThings Energy empowers users to make smarter decisions about their energy consumption, helping them make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint. SmartThings Energy continues to garner users in the US, demonstrating the strong consumer demand for solutions that can help save energy and reduce environmental impact.

Now, SmartThings Energy has expanded and partnered with Copper Labs, Eyedro, and Wattbuy in the United States. These new partnerships allow for:

  • Whole energy home monitoring: Copper Labs offers wireless real-time energy monitoring management solutions by providing its customers with the data insights needed to optimize their energy consumption. Through SmartThings Energy, users are able to monitor and report whole-home energy consumption in real time through the SmartThings App. This integration also allows homeowners to set up automations based on energy costs or demand response events.
    Individual device/disaggregated energy monitoring: Eyedro energy monitors measure energy consumption data from specific devices on a home’s energy meter, and allow users to measure energy consumption from specific, high-energy consuming devices, such as HVAC systems, pool pumps, and water heaters.
  • Energy switching marketplace: WattBuy provides a platform for SmartThings Energy users in relevant markets to save money or go with renewable sources by offering options with their home electricity. Users get personalized recommendations for the best suppliers available in their areas and can make a switch for services in a few clicks.

The platform increases household energy IQ with the power of a smart home platform that analyzes user behavior, making it easier to participate in demand response and recommend routine schedules based on users’ personal tariff plans. In addition, the service empowers users to make a change – whether it’s switching to a new energy provider or increasing awareness of their carbon footprint through monitoring.

“We are proud of the success we’ve achieved with SmartThings Energy and look forward to continuing to deliver energy-saving features that make a real difference for homeowners,” said Chanwoo Park, Corporate Vice President and Head of IoT Business group at Samsung Electronics. “With these new integrations and partnerships in the U.S., we believe SmartThings Energy will make it easier than ever for consumers to engage in eco-friendly habits.”

SmartThings Energy has been rolled out to various regions across the globe, available in Korea, the UK, the U.S., and India. The platform is free for anyone to download and will support 2022 Samsung appliances, in addition to several Works with SmartThings (WWST) OEM smart meters.

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