Samsung SmartThings, the premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT, today announces an expansion of its SmartThings Energy service, defining the path for users to manage their energy usage and help them to save money. SmartThings Energy empowers users to optimize strategies for energy efficiency to lower their carbon footprint.

Launched in the U.S. in July 2021, SmartThings Energy revolutionized the home energy category and continues to drive transformation through strategic partnerships with the world’s leading innovators in the energy sector. By teaming up with energy management platforms, energy providers and sustainability partners, SmartThings Energy makes it easier and more accessible for users to make smarter decisions about their energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact.

SmartThings Energy is now seeking to expand its footprint through collaborations with Constellation, Logical Buildings, and Oracle Utilities in the United States. These new relationships allow for:

  • Clean Energy Solutions: Constellation, a leading competitive energy and energy solutions provider, is collaborating with Samsung SmartThings to create consumer and industry solutions that leverage dual areas of expertise to bring together the power of energy, technology, and mobility. These solutions will be focused on sustainability and energy efficiency, allowing people to manage home energy use responsibly and easily when at home or away.
  • Energy Management: Through its partnership with Logical Buildings and its GridRewardsTM program in the ConED utility market, Samsung SmartThings Energy users will be able to participate in ConED’s demand response program. Users will be able to access information on their personal energy use, and then use the SmartThings Energy app to automate their devices to help them save energy and earn rewards.
  • Energy Insights: SmartThings will be working with Oracle Utilities to devise solutions that pair Oracle’s contextual and behavioral energy insights with SmartThings device and automation capabilities.  This will give consumers the power to more intelligently manage their energy consumption and save money.

These partnerships will work in conjunction with the already established capabilities of SmartThings Energy, including whole energy home monitoring and individual device/disaggregated energy monitoring.  SmartThings also offers access to an energy switching marketplace.

“We are proud of Samsung’s commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency and will continue leveraging our robust product line and innovative platforms to help homeowners make eco-friendly decisions,” said Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President and Head of IoT Business group at Samsung Electronics. “By continuing to expand the platform with new integrations and partnerships, SmartThings Energy is defining the future of home energy management in the most accessible way possible.”

In 2022, SmartThings will be working with additional partners like Enersponse for grid service programs and utility integration, Wallbox on EV charging solutions, and with Eaton for smart breaker integrations.

Partnering with leaders in the energy and utilities industry to collaborate, innovate, and bring critical solutions to market further drives SmartThings’ goals of delivering a net zero future, providing more accessible solutions for consumers to be effective in managing energy use,  and ultimately making a meaningful difference for the planet.

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