03.20.20 / Communities

Food Deliveries for Our Neighbors

At Samsung one of our core values is co-prosperity and in times of crisis, our company fights even harder for those facing the most difficult circumstances. As offices closed to protect the health of employees and pantries get stocked to prepare to stay home and honor physical distancing guidelines, our teams mobilized to support nonprofit partners working to provide food for families in need.

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Samsung provided excess fresh produce, snacks and soup to our nonprofit partner Oasis in Paterson, NJ, a haven for women and children, as they work to get food and supplies to families in need. The donation was used as part of the organization’s efforts to provide over 300 meals to families in the area.

In North Texas, home to our Mobile workforce, Samsung got word from another long-standing nonprofit partner, the North Texas Food Bank that the company’s sustained support through Samsung Gives has become instrumental in their effort to meet increasing need for food and supplies in the region amid the Covid-19 health crisis.

North Texas Food Bank shared the video below that highlights how the organization is focused on a low-touch distribution plan for getting food to people quickly and safely.

“We wouldn’t be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of our community without your support,” wrote Cody Meyers, Gift Officer for North Texas Food Bank. “Thank you for all you and Samsung continue to do for us and our hungry neighbors. We truly couldn’t do this work without you.”

Samsung stands with all our community partners as they continue to go above and beyond to meet critical needs in the face of uncertainty.

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