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Samsung Unveils its Expanded Vision of Connected Living at CES 2019

 LAS VEGAS – January 7, 2019 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today unveiled its expanded vision of connected living with improvements in smart technology that are rapidly transforming the rhythms of daily life. Samsung’s connected living innovations – embedded in its home appliance line – will be on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from January 8-11, 2019.

Today’s growing families and new homebuyers bring a new outlook towards technology and how it fits their day to day lives. Technology is no longer something that needs to be learned, but rather something that functions seamlessly in ways that enhance their lives, provides increased personalization and allows them to spend time doing what matters most to them. A Smart Home isn’t about the devices, the speeds or the specs, but rather the experiences that start with the most basic daily routines.

“Connecting people in new ways and helping them care for their homes and families is one of our biggest missions,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America. “Samsung is taking connected living to the next level with innovations that are more intelligent and intuitive, allowing people to get things done while enjoying time with family and friends.”

Case in point is the expansion of connected living to include artificial intelligence. Long viewed as something in the distant future, AI is here now. The centerpiece of Samsung’s AI vision is Bixby, which in a short amount of time has leapfrogged from a simple voice assistant to a truly intelligent interface capable of more conversational interaction and simplified control of hundreds of devices.

The impact of Bixby built into home appliances can be seen in everything from the Family Hub’s more personalized screen experience and expanded universe of voice-activated apps; to an intuitive AI-powered laundry assistant in Samsung’s new front load washer which makes washing clothes the way you want infinitely more intuitive and easier.

In addition, over the past year, Samsung has consolidated all of its IoT apps into one, simplified and streamlined SmartThings app. At the same time, the number of SmartThings-compatible devices has doubled and now grown to include products from and partnerships with Amazon, Google, Plume, and Ring.

The result is a broader and even more open network for connecting and managing life at home, and the added convenience of getting daily tasks done as quickly and efficientlyas possible. In other words, there’s less focus on what is connected and how it’s connected, and more on what the user can do by just saying what they want to do.

Samsung’s connected living innovations will be available this spring. For more information about Samsung Home Appliances, please visit www.samsung.com.

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