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Samsung Unveils World’s Largest Onyx Cinema LED Screen at Beijing Capital Cinema

Samsung Onyx Capital Theater Beijing 1

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – December 8, 2018 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled its largest-ever 3D-ready Onyx screen at Capital Cinema located in the Xicheng district in Beijing, China at a grand opening ceremony on December 7. Samsung’s latest 14-meter Onyx Cinema LED screen is now available in the market for movie theaters across the globe.

“The new, wider version of the Samsung Onyx is a direct response to the cinema industry demand,” said Nick Conti, Business Development Senior Manager for Cinema at Samsung. “This new size allows us to expand our portfolio and offer more variety to theater owners. We’re excited to partner with Capital Cinema to help showcase the new industry standard for picture quality on the big screen and continue to.”

Samsung first launched Onyx in July 2017 with a model measuring roughly 10 meters (33.6 feet) wide. Responding to consumer demand for ultra-large screens and business demand to drive higher profit and ticket sales, Samsung’s new Onyx model stretches 14 meters (46.2 feet) wide. The new Onyx variant is 1.4 times wider and features nearly twice the surface area of the original model, providing movie-goers with an unprecedented immersive, high-end cinema experience.

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Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screens accommodate virtually any venue configuration while also delivering unparalleled picture quality, technical performance and reliability beyond that of traditional projector-based operations. The extraordinary display installed at Capital Theater combines 4K resolution, HDR picture quality and peak brightness level of 88fL — nearly six times greater than standard projector technologies. Onyx is also 3D-ready and Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-certified, providing the flexibility to display a wide variety of content types.

Founded in 1937, Capital Cinema has been at the forefront of China’s film screening industry for more than 80 years. Today, it maintains its status as a leading destination for theatrical film releases and is one of the top five theaters in China based on ticket sales.

“We’re always looking for new ways to enhance our customer experience,” said Deng Yonghong, CEO of Capital Cinema. “That’s why we are absolutely thrilled to incorporate the world’s first 14-meter Onyx Cinema LED screen into our theaters as it creates a best-in-class cinema experience that is truly unmatched, and an immersive environment unlike anything our customers have experienced before.”

Samsung’s Onyx LED screens have been installed across the world, through partnerships with Pacific Theatres in Los Angeles, USA, and Arena Cinemas’ Sihlcity theater in Zurich Switzerland.

For more information about Samsung Onyx, visit: https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/led-signage/onyx.

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