This past year, we’ve witnessed the tremendous resiliency of many businesses, both large and small, in their ability to adapt quickly and reinvent new business models to survive and thrive. To kick off our second annual virtual experience, Samsung V/X: Business Reimagined, Taher Behbehani, SVP & General Manager, Mobile B2B Division shares his learnings on how different industries have transformed during the past year and his 2021 predictions in his keynote address.

According to Taher: “Digital transformation has compressed innovation cycles from years to weeks, with technology taking center stage as the connection points for today’s remote and frontline workforce. As we look ahead, we’re entering a new phase of digital transformation that is focused squarely on reimagining the user experience.”

Among the keynote highlights:

In retail, as we return to a hybrid shopping model, retailers will need to continue to be savvy digital sellers, both inside and outside of the digital store. In creating a new shopping experience for a hybrid future, we’re working with forward-thinking retailers to outfit their frontline workforce with rugged devices like the Galaxy XCover Pro for both safety and for employee connectivity. This empowers retailers to deliver a faster, safer and concierge-like in-store shopping experience.

The healthcare industry is leading the way in innovating to improve the patient experience. The pandemic has fueled the explosive growth of telemedicine and mobility is an essential part of healthcare. Healthcare providers will continue to invest in technology to optimize time and care and to ensure a safer, more efficient and convenient patient experience — for both consumers that prefer virtual visits, or others that will want to go back to in-person office visits.

5G is now becoming an accessible reality and a catalyst for new user experiences. Furthermore, enterprises are finally leveraging 5G in transformative ways. The combination of 5G networks, 5G enabled devices, and mobile edge computing will open up new use case, including anomaly detections, AR/VR, predictive maintenance and remote operations.

AI will be used more ubiquitously, and it will be a game-changer across industries for running new applications around collaboration, communications, and robotics. Moreover, the entire experience around collaboration will evolve dramatically as we shift to video conferencing 5.0 in bringing more effective communications for our modern remote and hybrid workplace.

Watch Taher’s entire keynote address for more insights, including his advice for how leaders can stay ahead of change.

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