San Francisco, CA – September 11, 2017 Today at Mobile World Congress Americas (MWC Americas), Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA) announced several new partner solutions that offer innovative new capabilities for businesses through integration with Samsung’s devices and technologies. The solutions redefine enterprise mobility through innovation that addresses specific employee and customer needs in businesses including healthcare providers, companies relying on field service workers and fitness centers seeking to enhance user experiences.

New wearable solutions from SoloProtect, Reemo and Ability Wearables integrate with Samsung smartwatches to accelerate wearables in the workplace. A virtual reality solution from partner VirZOOM provides new ways for fitness centers to enhance workouts through Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. These new solutions, along with the company’s latest devices such as Galaxy Note8 and DeX, will be available for demonstrations in Samsung’s booth (North Hall #N642).

“We’re seeing an incredible uptick in innovation through collaboration with our partners,” said Eric McCarty, vice president of B2B mobile product marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “As a result, we are seeing more mobile solutions emerge that are tailored to meet specific business needs – such as senior care facilities or lone worker scenarios. We are pleased to introduce some of the latest exciting innovations for enterprises at this year’s Mobile World Congress Americas.”

Wearables in the Workplace

Samsung’s B2B wearable partner solutions introduced at this year’s event focus on safety, wellness and health management, helping to accelerate deployment of wearable technology in businesses. Showcased in North Hall #N642, they are:

  • SoloProtect Increases Worker Safety: Through integration with Samsung Gear S3, this solution helps protect individuals working alone—such as real estate agents and home healthcare workers, as well as utility and transportation professionals—who may visit strangers’ homes or work in high-risk areas. SoloProtect provides round the clock monitoring and communication via SoloProtect’s Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC), along with geo-location, emergency alerts, and status-checks through GPS-enabled wearables. A Status Check can be activated by the lone worker, which provides key diagnostic information including GPS information, and a Red Alert can be initiated to instantly contact the EDC for emergency assistance.
  • Reemo Improves Senior Care: Reemo’s platform integrates withGear S2/S3s to give senior and care facilities insights into key health aspects, like activity level, heart rate, and sleep quality. It also creates a safety net with a continuous link between seniors and their caregivers. Seniors can easily connect to get help through the smartwatch’s built in cellular communications, enhancing their safety and mobility. Caregivers also have access to Reemo’s dashboard to monitor trends and activity, so they can react proactively.
  • Ability Wearables for Fatigue Management:  This helps solve fatigue-related challenges that impact businesses where employees often face long work shifts or physically demanding environments – ranging from trucking to construction to hospitals. Using Samsung Gear Fit2 and Gear S3 biometric and GPS data delivered through Samsung’s wearable API platform, GearUP, Ability Wearables delivers real-time health intelligence, enabling employers to reduce operational risk through predicting and monitoring employee fatigue risk, and redeploying high fatigue workers to less strenuous work if necessary.

SoloProtect and Reemo’s solutions with Samsung use Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) from Samsung SDS to securely simplify IT management, customize devices and employ IoT. EMM enables greater control over deployment and remote management of wearable features, including device wipes. Additionally, Samsung Knox, the company’s defense-grade security solution, is also employed to let businesses lock down employee wearables and improve security.

VR for Fitness Centers

Samsung is also spotlighting the VirZOOM VR Fitness platform at MWC, a B2B VR solution for fitness centers seeking to elevate the workout experience through virtual reality. Gym members mount a Life Fitness stationary exercise bike outfitted with the VirZOOM module and use Samsung Gear VR to immerse themselves in captivating games – including cycling experiences. Users move through a virtual world proportionately with their real world pedaling speed, while the handlebar’s resistance buttons are repurposed for gameplay. The solution utilizes a washable VR headset cover that is sanitized after each use. VirZOOM, Life Fitness and Samsung GearVR can help fitness centers attract new customers and initiate vSports competitions, offering a differentiated gym experience. Visit in: West Hall #402.

Partner Quotes

“We’re thrilled to join Samsung at Mobile World Congress Americas this year to further demonstrate mobile technology’s impact in the senior care industry,” said John Valiton, CEO, Reemo. “Samsung’s enablement of the Reemo platform through its wearable devices has made technology truly accessible to seniors by providing mobility, safety, awareness and connectivity to create independence in the aging experience.”

“Safety and reliability are top of mind for all employers, but historically, it has been difficult to manage safety for individual employees operating outside the traditional office setting,” said John Broady, SoloProtect CEO. “By equipping workers with a high-quality Samsung smartwatch integrated with SoloProtect, we can help businesses increase the safety of those operating alone in the field, and provide them with the ability to concentrate on their task at hand with greater peace of mind.”

“Samsung is pushing the envelope with their range of wearables,” says Shiv Madan, CEO, Ability. “By applying this collaborative solution to employees at high-risk of fatigue, we believe we can help solve many of the fatigue-driven challenges facing today’s workers.”

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