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Samsung’s New Smart Induction Cooktop Helps Families Save Energy and Time

Award-winning cooktop offers energy efficiency and smart cooking features

Samsung Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop with Wi-Fi

As families spend more time at home, they’re cooking more and looking for more convenient ways to prepare meals. They want efficient and smart appliances that are designed to fit their lifestyle. Samsung’s new 30” Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop with Wi-Fi helps families prepare meals of any size by offering faster, more precise cooking performance.

Samsung’s Smart Induction Cooktop is the first cooktop in the industry to be recognized for its ability to reduce energy use and lower emissions as you cook—all while maintaining outstanding performance. It’s received a 2021-2022 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award in the Residential Induction Cooking Tops category.

The award is given to innovative, lab-accredited technologies that exhibit an Integrated Annual Energy Consumption (EIAEC) of less than or equal to 125 kWh/year. By contrast, gas cooktops exhibit 423 kWh/year, and electric cooktops exhibit 155 kWh/year.[1]

Emerging Technology Award-winning induction cooktops are approximately 5-10% more energy efficient per unit than conventional electric cooktops, and they are about three times more energy-efficient per unit than conventional gas products[2]—due to the electromagnetic coil in induction cooking that heats cookware more effectively. Energy-efficient induction cooktops can also help reduce families’ utility bills.

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Samsung’s Smart Induction Cooktop features four burners and a Power Boost mode setting, which instantly activates and boils water fast to save you time while prepping meals. Cooking with Induction offers precise temperature control, giving you the ability to immediately get to lower or higher temperature settings when needed, much like a gas burner. That precision helps reduce the chances of over boiling and spills as you cook, saving you time during cleanup. When you’re done cooking, cleanup is easy thanks to the Cooktop’s smooth glass surface that can be wiped clean quickly and effectively.

The Cooktop also offers peace of mind with smart features to monitor and control your Cooktop, using the SmartThings app on your smartphone.[3] You can also enable GPS-based automation, which locks or unlocks your Cooktop when you’re leaving or returning home.[4]

To make cooking with Induction even easier, when you purchase a new 30” Smart Induction Cooktop between August 26, 2021, and March 2, 2022, you will receive a Samsung exclusive, six-piece Circulon SteelShield™ Induction cookware set for free (a $420 value).

Whether you’re installing a new cooktop or upgrading, Samsung’s Ready2Fit™ Guarantee ensures that the process runs smoothly with professional install and cabinet retrofit services, so you can reconfigure your kitchen as needed. Families switching from an electric cooktop to Induction can do so without additional electrical work and rewiring. This induction cooktop, similar to many electric cooktops requires 30 amps of power—making for a seamless transition from traditional electric to Induction.

Samsung’s 30” Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop (NZ30A3060UK) is now available on Samsung.com and at select retailers nationwide.

[1]Based on U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) testing.
[2]Based on U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) testing.
[3] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection is required.
[4] GPS-based automation is only available when the cooktop is not in use; requires a stable Wi-Fi connection and must be activated using the SmartThings App. Only available when activated by the user. The quality of the GPS reception may affect performance or activation if Wi-Fi connection is unstable.
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