Samsung can enhance your smart home experience with an ecosystem of connected devices – ranging from TVs to smartphones to home appliances. As more and more devices are connected, smart home security becomes increasingly important, too. With so many people using their TV as the connected hub to the home, its security is especially vital.

Samsung’s innovative security program Knox can help, securing smart TVs and other technology from various threats, ultimately offering consumers a safe and convenient smart home experience. GNUSMAS, the cute blue alien, introduces Samsung Knox as the final piece to complete your ecosystem of connected devices below.

Samsung Knox serves as a security guard for the smart home ecosystem

Samsung Knox: Digital Security is essential to the hyperconnected era

Samsung Knox's multiple layers of security features ensure devices are protected - software encrypts data for safe transfer, hardware separates core software space to prevent data leakage

Samsung Knox encrypts communication between TVs and other devices and also identifies and blocks phishing websites on the internet browser

Samsung Knox is regularly updated to address latest security threats.