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SmartThings Wifi Adds Smarter Parental Controls Powered by Plume

Samsung SmartThings Wifi is now offering parents peace of mind and more in-home internet control. Users will now have access to several new parental controls and security features to help manage digital activity in the home – from time online to content filters per device. New functionalities for SmartThings Wifi, through the Plume app, allow users to create profiles, filter content, block ads and enable enhanced security.

In addition, this Plume software update will provide families with Wi-Fi roaming performance enhancements and Wired Backhaul support, enabling faster speeds and a more seamless streaming handover with stable network connection. Plume in partnership with Samsung will continue to deliver regular updates to ensure SmartThings Wifi users get the most out of their home networks and smart homes.

With AI-based mesh Wi-Fi technology from Plume, a built-in SmartThings Hub and these latest security controls, parents can create the most customized internet experience while preventing streaming latency and dreaded Wi-Fi buffering.  SmartThings Wifi users can access these new controls and features by updating the SmartThings and Plume app to version 2.2.1 in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Enhanced Parental Controls and Security Features Now Available:

  • Unique Profiles at Home – Users can create profiles for each household member and their devices to enable unique controls and features by person. Set individual permissions to ensure kids are completing their homework before going online to play, and control customized schedules that set up times when internet can or cannot be accessed. Users can also see just how long devices have been connected or the last time they were online at home.
Courtesy of Plume, Samsung SmartThings content filters for safer after-school fun
Courtesy of Plume, Samsung SmartThings content filters for safer after-school fun
  • Content Filters – Restrict content that’s inappropriate for kids, teenagers and adults. Users can block or allow specific websites, and can see every site that’s been blocked via the Plume app.

    Courtesy of Plume, Samsung SmartThings content filters for safer after-school fun
    Courtesy of Plume, Samsung SmartThings content filters for safer after-school fun
  • Time Out – Instantly set 15- or 30-minute time-out periods for a person or device with the new “Time Out” feature. Additionally, schedule offline hours for devices during key family times like dinner or bedtime with the “Freeze Internet” feature.
  • Secure and Protect – Helps block phishing, spam, malware, botnets and other harmful attacks to ensure devices remain performing at their peak. These settings can be turned on across the household, certain devices, or for individual users.
  • Ad Blocking (beta) – Currently in Beta, users can instantly turn off ads for any devices or profiles users choose, helping to improve page load speeds and offer a more clutter-free internet viewing experience.

With internet safety and security a top concern for parents, these upgraded features bring more than just seamless internet control to your fingertips; they provide peace of mind for parents to encourage their children to explore the internet in a safe and educational way.

For more details on how to activate these features, visit samsung.com.

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