10.11.16 / Official Statements

Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Hearing of Samsung v. Apple

As we stand on the steps of the highest court of the United States, we are reminded of the spirit of innovation that this country was built upon. And it is this same spirit that has inspired us to fight for a fair interpretation of a law that will promote creativity and competition in the marketplace.

Awarding all of the profits for a single patent devalues the contributions of the hundreds of thousands of other patents in a smartphone. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will give a sensible and fair reading to the design patent statute. That would be a win for businesses and consumers alike. With more design patents than anyone else in the United States, design has always been an integral part of Samsung.

But this case is about the law, not design. We thank our supporters — many of whom are here today — the world’s leading technology companies, 50 leading intellectual property professors, and public policy groups representing consumers, minority and small businesses, as well as the U.S. government, who have all argued that the ruling in favor of Apple should be overturned.

Advancing a Better Future for Innovators and Consumers

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