In a recent interactive demo at Samsung 837  in New York City, guests experienced how Samsung SmartThings makes it easier to manage a busy household. Gershon Peterson, Product Expert, demonstrated how to utilize smart home features in everyday life, with the seamless connectivity and intelligence that makes Samsung SmartThings the most convenient way to connect and control your home.

As the industry leader for consumer IoT technology, the Samsung SmartThings open platform brings together an entire world of IoT connected devices — from sensors, outlets, video doorbells and locks to smart refrigerators — under a single umbrella, offering the largest ecosystem of integrated devices and connecting 10 million products in over 1 million homes.

With SmartThings, Samsung harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to give families the ability to transform their home and effortlessly manage daily tasks on the go. With connected devices estimated to reach 20.4 billion by 2020, the possibilities are limitless to make modern families’ lives easier, more convenient and more comfortable.

“A lot of times we’re looking for technology to make certain things easier,” said Peterson. “Just turning off the light before I leave has become something that I can forget to do.”

Throughout the presentation, Peterson explained how using Samsung SmartThings’ platform and products not only offers more connectivity, but also gives families peace of mind.

The new SmartThings app places controls for a wide ecosystem of compatible smart devices in one simple and consistent interface, making it easy to manage every facet of a family’s connected lifestyle — whether it be at home, at the office or on the go.

SmartThings sensors can be easily set up in any home to detect water leaks, arrivals and departures, or any kind of motion such as a drawer or window opening. This way a parent can monitor whether or not their teenager came home on time, or can ensure the house is dry during a heavy storm.

There’s also a SmartThings outlet that can be used with any appliance – such as a rice cooker, curling iron, or toaster oven – to connect to the SmartThings ecosystem, which can then be powered on or off remotely.

Samsung SmartThings also doesn’t just connect to other Samsung products, but third-party products as well. So if other IoT devices such as a connected thermostat or home assistant are already being utilized, the SmartThings app integrates with those devices to eliminate having to use multiple apps to control specific devices.

A great example of the versatility of SmartThings is when it’s used with the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, which connects with other devices in the home. It has a camera inside the fridge to check what’s in there from a smartphone while on the go, and allows for anyone to listen to music, watch TV, or even order new food items directly from the fridge’s touchscreen.