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2024 The Frame Receives First Pantone® Validated ArtfulColor Certification for Color Fidelity

The Frame reproduces color fidelity with adaptive color technology for optimal display of artwork in surrounding room lighting
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Samsung today announced that its 2024 edition of The Frame has earned Pantone Validated ArtfulColor certification from Pantone,1 a globally renowned authority in color standards. This certification highlights The Frame’s advanced adaptive color technology, which ensures an exceptional color reproduction capability that meets Pantone’s rigorous standards for authentic color that is nearly indistinguishable to the human eye under standard lighting conditions.

“Consumers are expecting more out of The Frame,” said Yongjae Kim, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our aim is to always provide the best possible customer experience, and in the case of The Frame, this is accomplished by giving users a display that portrays art in a way that is true-to-life. We’ve achieved this with the Pantone Validated ArtfulColor certification and will continue to work towards optimizing the viewing experience further.”

Two men holding a Pantone Certifcate in front of Samsung The Frame

Pantone Validated ArtfulColor evaluates if displays can faithfully simulate a range of physical Pantone Color cards and Pantone SkinTone color cards under CIE2 standard illuminant D65, which portrays illumination that is more-or-less equivalent to that of the average midday light in Western or Northern Europe. The Frame is the world’s first display in the industry to meet this stringent validation, reaffirming Samsung’s leadership in color fidelity that was first recognized by previous Pantone Validated status across all QLED TVs in 20223.

“After evaluating Samsung The Frame in standardized ambient lighting, we were very pleased with the high quality of the on-screen Pantone color reproduction,” said Iain Pike, Senior Global Director of Product and Licensing at Pantone. “These results are duly reflected in the award of the world’s first television to earn the Pantone Validated ArtfulColor designation. Visually, we can also confirm the lifelike quality of the displayed colors and skin tones compared to the physical swatch cards, as observed by our technical team during the evaluation process. This is a truly unique, value-added capability of Samsung The Frame we tested.”

Art Mode on The Frame is specifically designed to exhibit artwork and photographs, such as those from the Samsung Art Store, with true-to-life colors under standard lighting conditions such as at homes or galleries. It offers viewers an immersive and authentic art viewing experience by intelligently adjusting brightness and hues to optimize the image for ambient lighting conditions.

Leveraging Samsung’s cutting-edge display technology, The Frame has previously received Pantone Validated and SkinTone Validated approvals for its precise emissive rendering of the full gamut of Pantone SkinTone colors and the vast spectrum of all 2,390 colors contained within the Pantone Matching System.

The Frame also comes with a Matte Display — which significantly reduces glare and reflections — bringing Samsung Art Store’s extensive collection of over 2,500 pieces of artwork from museums and artists such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Salvador Dali and Keith Haring to life.

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1 Pantone company provides a universal language of color, called Pantone Matching System, that enables color-critical decisions through every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers.
2 Commission Internationale de l’Éclairage, or International Commission on Illumination, in English.
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