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Samsung Brings the Ultimate Gaming Experience to 2021 Neo QLED and QLED TVs


Samsung’s 2021 TV Line Delivers Cutting Edge Features Along With Industry Partnerships to Unlock the Power of Next-Generation Gaming

Neo QLED Game Bar

Samsung Electronics announced today that it is combining innovative new gaming features with exciting industry partnerships to create a groundbreaking gaming experience with 2021 Neo QLED and QLED TVs. The new 2021 Neo QLED and QLED TV line delivers some of the most beloved features from Samsung’s award-winning, premium gaming monitors for optimized performance.

“Consumers want premium TVs that can enhance the gaming experience – whether they are playing on PC or on a console,” said Younghun Choi, Executive Vice President at Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “This is why it was critical for us to build upon and optimize key gaming features from both our award-winning monitors and TV displays in 2021.  These enhancements will allow consumers to unlock the full power of next-gen gaming on our Neo QLED and QLED line.”

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED and QLED TVs have been designed with gamers’ needs in mind every step of the way. Next-gen gaming consoles demand a display that enhances both performance and picture quality—and Samsung’s cutting-edge Neo QLED and QLED televisions are engineered to deliver. Capable of enabling 4K gaming at 120hz, Samsung QLED TVs let you see virtually every detail with 4K for incredible clarity and contrast, at a silky-smooth 120 frames per second. With low ms response time, auto low latency mode, variable refresh rate, and other gaming features designed with the next generation consoles in mind, Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TVs help unlock and maximize performance.

The 2021 line-up features the new and intuitive Game Bar in Game Mode, allowing players to easily adjust the screen’s aspect ratio, check input lag, connect wireless headsets, and more. With Game Mode, QLED also optimizes gameplay with its Samsung AI processor. With 4K resolution, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and lag time less than 5.8ms, Neo QLED and QLED TVs are the perfect companion for next generation consoles.

Additionally, the QN90A 50” and all other QLED models 55” and larger are the first TVs to offer support for AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro Technology1. The technology enables true HDR console and PC gaming experiences, delivering a combination of smooth tear- and stutter-free gaming at peak performance with stunning HDR visual fidelity and low latency.

The 2021 Neo QLED and QLED line-up also brings the immersive ultra-wide gaming experience of Samsung gaming monitors to the TV. This gives gamers the option to play PC games at both a 21:9 wide aspect ratio and the ultra-immersive 32:9 ratio on Samsung TVs. The 2021 Neo QLED and QLED models, from Q70A and above, support both the 21:9 and 32:9 screen ratio—ensuring gamers won’t miss any PC gaming action in the periphery.

2021 Neo QLED and QLED completes the gaming experience with crisp, clear, and immersive audio. With Game Object Tracking Sound, QLED TVs use AI technology to project audio around the room corresponding with onscreen action—so you’ll know exactly where to turn when you hear another player’s footsteps.

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1 AMD FreeSync™ technology requires AMD Radeon™ graphics and a display that supports FreeSync technology as certified by AMD. AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology adds requirements of mandatory low framerate compensation and at least 120 Hz refresh rate at minimum FHD. AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro technology adds requirements for the display to meet AMD FreeSync Premium Pro compliance tests. See for complete details. Confirm capability with your system manufacturer before purchase. GD-127


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