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A Drama-Free Break Up is Possible…With Your Unused Tech!

Talking Points

  • June 5th is World Environment Day and Samsung invites people to join the company’s commitment to responsible recycling.
  • On World Environment Day, Axel Webber and Samsung are challenging TikTok fans to drop off and film their "break-ups" with their e-waste devices at Samsung 837 or one of Samsung’s more than 1,700 drop-off locations.
  • The most common e-waste devices turned in across Samsung and its partners in 2021 were TVs, desktops, monitors, laptops and printers.

June 5th is World Environment Day, and Samsung invites people to continue making everyday changes that have a meaningful impact. This year, that means providing a #DramaFreeDropOff that lets people responsibly say goodbye to electronics they are no longer in love with.

While it is difficult to part ways with your first phone or the controller you used to win your favorite game, we want to make it a little easier. Instead of haphazardly throwing these devices into the trash to go to the landfill, you can easily recycle them at over 1,700 Samsung drop-off locations across the country to contribute to a greener future. And when you do, your old tech products will add to the 1.2 billion pounds of e-waste Samsung has repurposed or recycled in the U.S. since 2009. In 2021, the most common e-waste that people recycled were TVs, desktops, monitors, laptops and printers¹.

Dump your e-waste. Drama free. Learn More

On June 5th, Samsung is teaming up with popular content creator Axel Webber to encourage people to break up with their unused tech for a #DramaFreeDropOff. TikTok users can come on down to Samsung 837 in New York City with your unloved and unwanted devices and get ready to create. When you do, Samsung will responsibly recycle all of your old tech.

@axelwebber Come make a TikTok with me Sunday at Samsung 837 from 12-3p (837 Washington St, NYC). Bring your eligible e-waste and we’ll have a #DramaFreeDropOff ♬ original sound – Axel

Celebrated internationally each year, World Environment Day promotes driving transformative, sustainable change to celebrate, protect and restore the planet. One way Samsung aligns to this commitment is by making recycling e-waste convenient and simple through takeback options for both Samsung and non-Samsung products.

Since 2008, Samsung has been committed to responsible recycling, which includes specifying their recycler’s adherence to third-party audited certification standards like E-Stewards, designed to promote best practices for global e-waste recycling. The company strives to ensure that non-working electronic scrap is handled properly and never exported to the developing world.

Click here to learn more about Samsung’s commitment to a sustainable future and get involved with the #DramaFreeDropOff Challenge.

[1] Based on e-waste recycling data from Samsung and its partners
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